ChainGuardians Partner with Cryptomorph to Release Elemental Buff for NFTs

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ChainGuardians Partner with Cryptomorph

The ChainGuardians team are delighted to announce a partnership with Cryptomorph to release a collection of Cryptomorph - ChainGuardians Edition (preview below).


Further to Cryptomorph’s already stunning psychedelic crypto-art, the ChainGuardians Edition, which not only represents unique artwork, will also buff players’ ChainGuardians elemental type statistics for their ChainGuardians anime superheroes in game.

The Cryptomorph - ChainGuardians Edition can be found here.

Each NFT represents a different elemental type and will buff players’ elemental percentages based on rarity. If interested, make sure you pick up the elemental type applicable to your anime superhero!

The prices are staggered to reflect the rarity and are defined as follows:

Common - 0.05ETH
Rare - 0.1ETH
Legendary - 0.2ETH

Bundled collections allow for the opportunity to purchase all seven elemental types for the price of six (regardless of what rarity is purchased). In other words, buy a bundle of seven and pay the price of six!

These NFTs are limited in quantity, so make sure to pick yours up before they’re all gone!

The ChainGuardians Team.


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