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In basic words, Atomic Swaps Wallet is a multi- currency cryptocurrency purse that enables you to rapidly, automatically convert one coin to another. The usefulness of the aphorized wallet will be based on SPV technology (simplified payment verification). This enables clients to keep away from long locking sessions while keeping up the security of supposed "wallets with a full set of nodes".


The most difficult difficulty is the failure of clients believing the centralized activities by a few platforms or association asserting decentralization strategy.

We need not disregard the way that most cryptocurrency exchange platforms comes up short on the component of straightforwardness, freedom and receptiveness as proposed by the organizer of blockchain technology, which to a more noteworthy degree uncovered a few cryptocurrency financial specialists to the danger of losing their assets.

Accentuation likewise should be done on security challenges been looked by a portion of the real exchanges as well, security break can result in extraordinary disappointment of any significant platform.
Another real test thwarting the advancement of blockchain technology is the issue of control by the administration which is in opposition to the fundamental motivation behind its development by Satoshi Nakamoto, consequently there's pressing need to keep up this line of decentralization of the business as against what's been done by government.

Most cryptocurrency specialists never again have trust for cryptocurrency exchanges any more, this is on account of a large portion of them are centralized in their method of task and furthermore complete a considerable measure of control of current market information which misdirects investors prompting huge loss of assets.
One of the fundamental issues confronting the market of cryptocurrency is the issue of thefts, assaults on stocks and phishing accounts, which appear to emerge because of centralized exchanges, which still make up about 95% of the market. Atomic tries to take care of the issue. The fundamental objective of this venture is to essentially diminish the heading of efforts for the successful management of cryptocurrency assets. To date, the platform has built up the most reliable wallet.


1: The most imperative component is the security of the Atomic Wallet. This wallet is 100% secure and has full and free encryption, so you can be certain that you will have the most elevated amount of security utilizing this wallet.

2: The administration offers reliable storage choices, which are affirmed by exceptional protocols

3: The project has great partners and financial investors:

4: One of the primary points of interest is the presence of the decentralized idea of Atomic Swap Exchange, which can permit positively no dangers to move to cross-chain swaps of the system. SPV technology (or simplified payment verification), which enables you to make exchanges without the long wait for synchronization of blockchains. Swaps will be accessible to everybody, in any case, exchanges through shapeshift will be accessible just for the rundown of currencies they have.

5: Wallet with fundamental usefulness is as of now created, and is accessible for download on significant platforms, for example, Windows, macOS, Ubuntu.

6: Atomic support all ERC20 markers that we know.

7: The wallet will gather the most minimal exchange fees, which makes it more beneficial to store digital money.

8: Your assets are controlled just by you, and nobody else will ever have the capacity to exchange your own keys.

9: Atomic Wallet offers help for in excess of 300 coins and tokens, being a standout amongst the most advantageous approaches to deal with the majority of your assets in the meantime, without utilizing different wallets.

10: The platform is extremely straightforward and everything is instinctively justifiable being used.

11: Atomic partakes in a wide range of crypto, blocking discussions, conclude genuine contracts.

12: Consumers can exchange coins whenever: this is just a couple of minutes.

13: The purse can exchange assets to different beneficiaries.

Atomic token has a total supply of 100M and is being built on the ethereum blockchain. The token can be used for:

Atomic swap usage
Increasing atomic swap rating
Listing new assets in Atomic Wallet
Listing new assets in Atomic swap exchange

Type: ERC20 Token

Ticker: AWC

Full name: Atomic Wallet Coin

Decimals: 8

Total supply: 100,000,000 AWC

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