400 STEEM ~ Sponsored Writing Contest: OnePageX.com

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OnePageX.com is back with another writing contest+county event on CateredContent.com!

400 STEEM CateredContent.com OnePageX Contest

Submission Requirements & Information

  • Medium OR Steemit for articles.
  • Twitter, Instagram and Reddit for bounty!
  • Twitter: Post a link to OnePageX.com with a short description and some crypto hashtags.
  • Instagram: Post a custom image or an existing image that clearly mentions "OnePageX.com" with the appropriate crypto related hashtags.
  • Reddit: Link OnePageX.com with the proper title explaining that it is an instant crypto exchange!
  • Please do NOT re-use old links from previous events. They will be considered invalid submissions.
  • Please remember that you may only have one CateredContent.com account submitting. If a user is detected to have multiple accounts their submissions will be ignored.
  • These are simple tasks and all worth the same amount. The prizes will be split based on the number of submissions!

Don't forget to visit our main page on CateredContent.com and participate in other events as well!




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If I understand correctly, does the contest consist, in Steemit's case, of publishing an article with the label #cateredcontent? Or something else?


You can read the instructions here:

Basically you just make an account on CateredContent.com and participate in events.

In order to participate, simply follow the instructions on the event page, and submit your article link via https://cateredcontent.com/

This needs to be explained properly, both here and on your website.


Here is a video one of our users made.

I would love to hear what you think we can do to make it easier for users to understand!

Thanks for your feedback!


Sure I join once again

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Nice article

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