IONChain. Protection platform

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IONChain is responsible for making transfers with a single value, that is, its movements are transparent and safe. It seeks to create a trust network with a single objective of freedom to choose the correct data that the user wants. This decentralized platform with ease and guarantees a better quality of life without worry with total privacy, will allow users to have no problems when choosing their preferences, the benefits of the digital economy will improve the lives of people.
is a project with the objective of creating a trust network in which the user has no problems with the data or the network n intenert and is directed to the point where you want with just a CLICK. Using devices or code will encourage users to enter and test this ecosystem on their own, which is fully guaranteed for all types of transfer or innadequate situation.

Our View

Create a brand in this industry with a higher hierarchy, make future networks secure with no value and greater profits when it comes to privacy. Create a secure selection chain of cryptographic keys, upcoming implementations that will allow users to convert more to take care and protect your data problems and secure them with IONChain. There are numerous implementations so that users do not have more problems when entering the system and their problems are over. While in this initial release, all cryptocurrencies are converted from Bitcoin, they are actively adding other assets and improving their network-level warmth and data protection.
¡IONCHAIN ​​will also be in the future, include an implementation for STEEM too!
One of the great visions of this platform is to make the user feel comfortable when taking this ecosystem and obtain a better quality of the navigation in the networks without getting something in return, without profit, and a reliable cryptocurrency, his vision is fundamental when it comes to offering your services. Just do not be afraid and give this system effective.

¿Why IONChain and not another platform?

Because it is a platform that guarantees the security and protection of your money and data, so it adds little of what you have, decentralizing your transactions and contracts. Present a future exchange without commissions that covers the operative costs when coining your own platform, that is to say, WITHOUT PURPOSES OF PROFIT; WITHOUT ANY COMMISSION, IONCHAIN ​​is an exchange that also replaces centralized account balances with a decentralized intelligent contract in the Ethereum block chain that contains all account balances.
With the help of ionchain your life becomes easier and simple without paying or making exchanges, support this community and join, you will not regret it. With just deposit a vote of confidence! We ask ourselves why, why choose IONCHAIN? Well ... with us your answers, worries and anxieties will go in the blink of an eye. IONChain Protected Network.

Let's analyze a little more about this platform.

IONChain users have the right to take care of their documents, we can say that each person has their perspective and their different ideas, obvious ways to see each system and platform, this ecosystem extends our vision of generating enough money and creating our own virtual worlds and rules of security. IONchain gives the guarantee, besides not involving or associating with governments, it is independent in its entirety, which in turn generates more interest when it comes to entering and taking a look. Guaranteed program with the mission to provide wide security more complete and secure, without any type of trap.
Many times we think of others, and many questions come to mind and in turn, doubts. How is this platform used? It will be useful ? And, we do not realize that time is running out, and we end up drowning in a glass of water, do not waste any more time! And join us and find out for yourself if it is useful, without enrredarte life; indications to the sight of your eyes, easy. With IONChain.Org everything is possible!