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White Paper

¿What is BUMO?

Bumo is responsible for making transfers with ubiquitous value, that is, their movements are transparent and safe. Seeks to create trust network with a single objective freedom to smart deposits. Decentralized network with ease and guarantee to a better quality of life without worries with total privacy, will allow the true benefits of the digital economy to improve the lives of people.
is a project with the aim of creating a trust network in which value can flow with as much freedom as information, using existing intelligent devices that are already present all over the world. Encourage users to enter and test this ecosystem on their own, which is fully guaranteed for all types of decentralized transfer


Create a brand in this industry with greater hierarchy, make the next transactions are safe without value and with greater gain when it comes to privacy.create a next-generation block chain for ubiquitous value transfer, which is ready for high-performance companies to use.
One of the great visions of this platform is to make the user feel comfortable when taking this ecosystem, and obtain a better quality of the digital network, his vision is paramount when it comes to offering his services. Just do not be afraid and give yourself this effective system.

Smart Contract

BuContract is a means to allow the intelligent contracts of BUMO to be implemented in common programming languages ​​such as Javascript. There are inherent advantages to this, such as the cost of learning new programming languages ​​for developers and the high efficiency of execution of these popular and tested languages. BuVM will also support C / C ++, Python and other languages ​​through WebAssembly.
the deposit may be lost if the validators consider that the data provider is acting unlawfully The contract notifies the oracle BuOracle, BUMO Oracle about what data must be obtained through an activation event programmed in its intelligent contract, after the oracle processes the event and returns a value that the value is returned to BuVM

Benefits BUMO

Free Flow of Digital Assets:
· Static assets are practically useless
· Cross-domain circulation creates new magnitudes of value for all users interoperating through BUMO
Intelligent IoT Value Chain:
· 45 Billion IoT devices expected by 2020
· Intelligent devices can generate data and therefore create value
· BUMO wants to act as a universal, digital book, enabling this data to be traded seamlessly
Will eliminate fragmented communication protocols between different devices
Will eliminate high costs of network maintenance
Will eliminate fears born of lack of trust via illicit nodes on the network


BU Token value is based on two factors: 1) the quantity of BU consumed as fuel in the BUMO network and 2) the ability to participate in BUMO community governance by holding onto BU.
Applications of BU include but are not limited to:
· Gas – fuel for executing smart contract interactions
· Bookkeeping award – incentive for validators nodes
· Community incentive – motivate developers to create infrastructure contributions
BU can be acquired by:
· Acting as a validator node and collecting a transaction fee through gas
· Transfers between accounts on BUMO (buy/sell)
· Participation via donations in Ethereum to the BUMO project developers
· Participation in the development of the construction of BUMO's ecosystem
· Other ways.

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