Shutting down the bidding bot

in crypto •  last year 

Hi everyone,

We had a good run but with the updates on the way bidding bots work last month + lower interest on Steemit (probably due to the price decline) + may more bots it's no longer profitable for us to get the bot running so I'm shutting it down.


Thanks for your support and for those who want to get in touch you can still reach @fabricus as I won't be checking on the bot anymore.

Keep up with the quality posts and see you soon on Steemit ;-)

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Just to make sure there is no misunderstanding, the bot won't be able to bid anymore and no refund can be processed as I won't be checking it up anymore so for those of you who are still sending some STEEM or SBD they'll be considered as donations for the job done so far thanks in advance.

Hi @fabricus, I came to know from your reddit post that your bot gives away 100% of the bids to the delegators. How did you make profit then? If you were not making any profit then why were you running the bot? What's the plan?

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