YouTube Crypto Scam I Came Across...

in #crypto2 years ago

I was checking out videos on YouTube and I got a recommendation to check out this video bellow and I quickly realized it was a scam. It is similar to the Twitter scams we saw a cpl yrs ago which made people like Vitalik switch his usernames to not giving away free eth.


I went to a block explorer to see if it is really working and sure enough they already had 1.6 BTC sent to the address. They have a Bill Gates interview on loop and a bunch of bots in the chat saying it worked for them. I tried warning people it was a scam but the admin deletes all messages by people saying it is a scam. I saw a few people saying they didn’t receive anything but there message got deleted right away. I started spamming that it was a scam to warn more people but the video just keeps going so I'm done, I tried. Check out the block explorer below.

It is crazy how scams like these still work. You would think people would be more careful then they are with their money. Anyways just thought id share this with you guys. Be on the lookout for scams and if it sounds to good to be true it probably isn’t true.

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