ICON Mainnet to Launch on January 24

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This just in from ICON...

Greetings ICONers,

It’s been a very exciting week for all of us. ICON has the global crypto/blockchain community by storm receiving tweets like this or articles like this. We want to thank our community members for your patience and understanding over the past couple of months. Believe us when we say that we know that days or weeks can feel extremely long. We are with you on this. However, what really matters in the end is that the ICON team delivered exceptional results and we will continue to work hard to bring ONLY exceptional results going forward.

Today, we are excited to inform our community members on ICON’s 1st Annual Summit, Mainnet launch, and Release Candidate (RC) deployment.


On January 31, 2018, ICON team will host our 1st ICON Annual Summit titled “The Genesis”, appropriately at one of the most iconic, tallest skyscrapers in the world - Lotte World Tower. Also appropriately, this event is timed just before the Lunar New Year.

We have invited blockchain experts, entrepreneurs, influencers, and other key decision-makers from around the globe to showcase our latest technical development including Mainnet, 2018 roadmap, and introduce a number of DApps that will run on top of the ICON network. ICON team has strived to “Hyperconnect the World”, and this day will mark the beginning of a new era, the birth of the ICON Network ecosystem.

Event Details (Invitation-only)

  • Date: January 31, 2018
  • Venue: SIGNIEL Seoul Grand Ballroom (Lotte World Tower)

Key Agenda

  • Mainnet demo
  • DApps on ICON network
  • Business and technical roadmap for 2018
  • Interoperability initiatives: Creating standards


ICON Mainnet will officially launch on January 24, 2018, one week before 2018 ICON Annual Summit. And today, we have launched our release candidate (RC) version of the ICON Testnet based on various loopchain implementation to generate the genesis block after additional data showing of stability and security of the network. As mentioned, the ICON team is focused on delivering exceptional results. We believe that by publishing RC and timing the Mainnet Launch right before our Annual Summit would again bring exceptional results.

We would like to remind our community that the capability of loopchain, the core engine of ICON, has been validated and proven through number of business implementation projects. With loopchain, our team was able to implement various blockchain services, including CHAIN-ID (authentication), crypto asset exchange, and information sharing system. Our technology is fully enterprise-ready with proven commercial applications.

Our RC represents that all functional implementation and basic tests for actual launch are completed. This also means that our Testnet, which has been operating since early December, has been successfully deployed on the global infrastructure and that we are conducting our final testings before the Mainnet launch.

ICON team is testing following features on the latest RC version:

  • ICX transfer and transaction fee processing
  • Public Treasury
  • Attributes and scoring for IISS system
  • ICX distribution under IISS
  • Testing IISS under modified attributes
  • Run stress test and verify various bug condition (~20 nodes)
  • Chrome Extension Wallet
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I can't wait. All larger platforms (Cardano, Neo and the such) have been doing so well. With the regional backing, the team behind ICON and with this great roadmap I can really see it going places. I for one will be following the news closely q1 of 2018.