Crypto mining has been fun with Mintage mining

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^ April 16 2018 ^ stardate -304712.1629566211 The best place to start this Steem is when we joined Mintage mining. As independent Nui Social members, we found out about Mintage mining in December 2017. We joined the beta. Now , as for a beta sign up to Mintage was ezpz to get hashpower units ... (the minimum starting units is 25) It has been fun ! Folks can see the transparent company results ,please go to the Mintage mining blog. For folks interested in this cryptocurrency mining opportunity, please watch this interview video.. l.o.h.o , the best place to start due diligence ! We think folks that watch this will know if there is any interest . The owner talks about the future and blockchain technology.

This next video is for folks that watched the Mintage mining owner interview video and has an interest to join now. This will help folks see how easy it is to join us . MM
The fat Jerry buzzirk team takes it very serious on the information we share.. This is a follow up on Mintage mining crypto blog post. We strongly recommend powerful due diligence in the crypto mining opportunity arena.Take the time to form your own opinon of risk in the crypto industry ! We have seen a lot of bull crap "to good to be true " crypto opportunity "grow your crypto" bull results on the net. #hashpowertothepeople cheers 2 the Steemit blockchain ^^ members . We the buzzirk Fat Jerry team are looking forward to phase 3 so we can set our phasers to stun !!! Phase 3 beta starts soon. Come back next Steem for "holla on Kala" !

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wEEKLY CRYPTO IS FUN #hashpower2u

Such a new industry ,please go to the Mintage mining blog for the newest mining info.. #blockchainsocialTBS_Columns_pumoh5.webp