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The other day sitting in Micky Dees ,I heard two couples talking about Bitcoin. What amazed me was they were very elder.(80ish) One lady said my son keeps telling me to buy some. The lady asked ,"Do any of you know what one looks like? "
My friend Benny has bought every crypto token saying you never know.He thinks he is a crypto coin collector.I must say that seems buzzirk. I know this, it it not as buzzirk as my future x wife... (iei) Now,let me say this I would never be on Steemit unless I started looking into the crypto world... It amazes me how may fans a particular crypto currency has.. I have read flat out hate blogs for ripple and etherium... Is ripple a drink? My favorite crypto fans are Charlie and the lightning factory fanatics.. They say if" Bitcoin is gold Litecoin is platinum"...

</> Buzzirk is not a blockchain expert nor do I play one on t.v. Now that Bitcoin is topping 4000,it hard not to have that high on crypto buzzirk fans list>. Wishing success to fans and non blockchain fans.. iei = ignorance +emotion^ insufferable A token of thanks to Steemit! Footnote : buzzirk as so called crypto as so-called cryptocurrencies and what are so called ? #kabosh

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eos is the most interesting blockchain .The price of EOS will be determined by the internal EOS economy with the most likely constraint being the break even price of access to physical RAM.

The utilization of EOS will likely rise in buzzirks opinion,Eos main chain is finally launching !

The price of EOS tokens will increase as a function increasing demand to secure platform resources paid for by staking EOS and a reducing circulating supply.

The market cap is simply the current EOS price multiplied by total supply. Is Eos boss!