Win Free CryptoKitties! I bought a new Etheremon! Kitty Giveaway Results!

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@damianpellejero You won our Free CryptoKitty This just proves that persistance counts. @damianpellejero has been trying to win on multiple posts, and now its your lucky day. Remember you can win Free Cryptokitties from this post too, just upvote, resteem, follow, and comment with you Cryptokitty Litter Wallet Address!

There hasn't been much action in the Cryptokitties world. Sales are staying stable. If I had to guess, I would say that we are probably about to see a new fancy. We are definitely due for some new traits soon. Maybe the Devs will take the holidays off though and we will see some action after Christmas.


The Etheremon world is just getting started. We had our first new 3 Etheremon launch. There's been a lot of FUD saying Etheremon is a scam. I own 3 Etheremon now. They have been making back ETH and I have NOT seen any signs this game is a scam. They have updated the smart contract to make it more secure and protective to the buyer. I say get in now before the masses hit and maybe make some quick ETH.


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Hey mate! Where is my kitty though? :(

you can't win if you don't leave me your litter wallet address!

This is nice
Am interested, please how do i get started?

This is really nice
Am interested
Please how do i get started?

This is really nice
Am interested
Please how do i get started?

go to and follow the instructions

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I like your new etheremon that you bought. 💋

I've seen the term cryptokitties in numerous posts and references and wasn't too sure what the hype is all about. After reading your post i will surely check it out now. Thanks!


My preciouuus!! give me my preciouus cryptokitty!!


Thanks pal! :D

STOP upvoting your own posts!
I found a upvote/follower exchange that gives you 2X your upvote value(if your a minnow).

Is it different from this?

I have join some weeks ago and is working properly, suddenly the site is not working again

Manual following is not working again, only manual curation that is working

I believe they are getting rid of the manual following and changing it to something else

Isn't there a lot of concern surrounding the Ethermon thing? I heard somewhere (I think from @Crypt0 if I am not mistaken) that the smart contract it uses is a bit shady and lets the creator moves/take funds from the smart contract whenever they want, which is a bit concerning.

follow, resteem, upvote. thanks

Ether Wallet:

Any idea about similar new games coming out any time soon? Maybe there are plans for crypto-bunnies on Steem? :)

Thank you very much! I finally won!

i dont know that you do ?

0x5c864ea94672d3e589c84a52458d58fc954b0826 I don't have any kitties yet :( they are very cute though and I'd love to get involved!

I have no idea why someone would spend money on virtual Kitties, I'd rather buy a real one and feed. :D :P

like your good post.thanks for sharing

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wow its really gonna pump more

your post is very good, very useful, your post is so inspiration for me and all users of steemit, I am proud of you ... I am amazed to you, you are very fantastic in making a post, hopefully triumph in the work .. Thank you 💏😘

Here is my kitty address 0xcc54f33633ab5b00eb3c96b795d93a375837537f

again lol. I hope to win this time


Congratulations @damianpellejero
Good luck to all

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Upvote ! Resteem ! Follow ! All checked ! :D

And Comment ....


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