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The Second Chance Egg is Here

I did a blog post on AxieInfinity shortly after they launched the origin Axies. I was hesitant to buy in because I was spread pretty thin at the time. They also weren't cheap. I believe they were going for .25 ETH and more. So I passed on the early buying opportunity, but now we all have a second chance to hatch your own Axie. More on that in a sec.

If you don't know what AxieInfinity is let me give you a quick run down. They are these cute, unique, little creatures that you will be able to do all sorts of things with. Each Axie has unique statistics. They have classes like Pokemon with strengths and weaknesses and all kinds for stats for each body part. Soon you will be able to battle them. Now, you might be thinking, there are quite a few battle games already out there. This is true, but Axies will has great battle animations, final fantasy style 3V3 battling, and plenty of moves to chose from. Battles will be exciting and very strategic. If battling isn't your style, you will also be able to care for your Axie like a pet. You will even be able to house your Axie in its very own customized Terrarium. This game has gained popularity steadily without having any true gameplay. Once battles goes live, this will be the new CryptoGame everyone is talking about.

So now that you know what they are, lets get you one. You can pick up a Origin Offspring Axie for just under .1 ETH at the Marketplace. You can also buy a Bionic Egg at the Axie Lab and grow your own Axie for around .07 ETH. Last but not least you can collect 5 MEO tokens and convert them into a bionic egg. You can find out where to get them on their Discord or you can win them here with a 100% upvote . To Enter:

  1. Join Axie Infinity's Discord
  2. Follow Axie Infinity on Twitter
  3. RT and Like this tweet
  4. Comment on the tweet with your Discord name (this counts as 1 entry)
  5. Upvote and Resteem this post
  6. Comment on this post with your Discord name(this counts as 1 entry)

If you do all these steps you will get 2 Entries, 1 for twitter and 1 for steemit.

The winner will be drawn @ my Discord in approx 24 hours

You have 72 hours to claim your prize after the drawing. You must message me on Discord to claim your prize!


All done men my discord its drgomez89 see ya in the streets

discord name : Walid#1411

Joined Alan#1501

Nearly missed this one! Ture

I really need to take a look at Axie... have been meaning to for the longest time now! What I've seen looks great!

  • doublejump

Discord: lahw#3152

Discord name Adinalini™#4327. Really love your discord server!

Excellent! Done all :)
Discord: hagoromo#2813

Thank you so much for this opportunity @brittuf!
My discord name is albert0davila#2570

Done! @apple96#4825

All done sir
Discord name: msena

Done all tasks...

@rentmoney checking in to win another contest :)

Dear All Processing done, discord name @hester687 #7318


discord name : soumon

Another game that I can't wait to play. Discord: Aristo80

All Done.

Thanks for the possibility of winning! My discord name is sisfs!

All done.
My discord name @muksalmi

huhhhh almost done this

excelente publicacion me interesa todo esto de las mascotas virtuales el huevo bionico

You got a 24.95% upvote from @upme thanks to @brittuf! Send at least 3 SBD or 3 STEEM to get upvote for next round. Delegate STEEM POWER and start earning 100% daily payouts ( no commission ).

you have to join axie infinity's discord

Coming from one of the people who cracked the CryptoKitty genome, Axie Infinity is an incredibly promising game coming to the blockchain. A marketplace and breeding is already available, with battles of 3v3 coming in the near future. There are plans for an assortment of minigames, as well as Terrariums where you can house your Axies to rest in between battles and keep your spoils of war. In the past 4 months that I have been a part of this community, this game has exploded from a simple website offering pre-sale Axies to a thriving community and market where Axies are bred, traded, and adored. It's incredible that such a small team (though growing) has been able to accomplish so much in such a short time with style and flair! I look forward to everything that this team has to offer!
Discord - @Lucid | Axie Infinity#4570

Me discord name is: anarcist

Cool to see this game is getting some legs. There was a lot of buzz in the cryptokitties community when it came out.

@brittuf bro how you got such success on steemit platform. Do share your experience and some of your valuable suggestions.

Great game
Might take over cryptokitties

Thanks Brother for the reason that you shared this video


nice!!!! one also guys if you have time im giving fortnite account! (HAS SKINS, RAPTOR) for 1 person when reach 10 upvote/10 resteem with my post.

Discord: fjmb86#0452

My discord name: noor4448


 I think the web will be one of the real powers for decreasing the part of government. The one thing that is missing however that will before long be created, is a solid e-money.

Awesome funny post brittuf......

i am follow @zafar82 #8255

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