Free Airdrop!!Teleport Token. Get 50 Free Tokens

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Get 50 Free Teleport Tokens

As far as I can tell this is a sort of drone rental service. If you hold the coins, they are used to insure the drones that are rented out. Let me know if I'm way off on that. It sounds interesting and free crypto is free crypto.

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Free tokens! Count me in


Free tokens are always nice to have! It's exciting to see if it ends up being worth anything in the future.


would be awesome to get in early on a coin that could one day replace bitcoin


Yeah, that's true. I don't really think this coin will be the one to know Bitcoin down from its throne, but who knows? ;)

I got my 50 TT (Teleport Token), thanks @brittuf. One can buy drone for $1,250.00 and charging pad for $99 in future. Hoping TT to the moon (so that I can sell them) :). Also swifdemand is opening a store. You can collect 100 coins everyday as basic income with just a click.

What is the usage for this token?


They want to be uber for drones. The idea is to use the tokens to rent drones and buy/sell power at charging stations.


Like mini drones? a community drone sharing thing?

Did you check out the charging pad? It seems like if you get a charging pad ether through this company or you build your own with the spec sheet the company will provide you, you can earn 2 tokens per hour of use of the charging pad. They charge drones. You do not need to own the drone to participate in the program. Pretty cool!


thanks for this!
Whitepaper surely sounds interesting and there's no denying it's an interesting concept. The DIY build instructions are not available yet but let's see how it plays out.


O nice catch on the DIY instructions.... Ill admit i just looked at the link i did not click them to see the actual instructions. Hopefully they get them up their quickly. I was just wondering though... in order to make that profitably youd have to live in a very populated area ... dont you think?? for example i live in Northern NY.... Not many drones looking to stop at my house and charge up ya know lol...

One Steemit user @aivaryamal did a real nice blog about the whole Teleport company. I was curious about the company and how they were going to set up ports for drones around the world. They have great visions but will have to work with a lot of regulations. Check it out. It may get big. Anyway it doesn't hurt to have 50 tokens.

That definitely seems like a thing to watch. Amusing, at my best I would say @brittuf. Adding yet another segment in the crypto-space with their unique offerings. Must check out at-least, for the sake of it.

Good looking out my man! Im going to check this site and coin out right now!

This is better than mining. Don't be offended if I repost this^^ and upvote.

Great find man! It's a very interesting concept... I'm intrigued. Not sure if I'll invest but I've definitely signed up for free crypto.


I wonder how keen people will be to have people renting a drone from their backyard... your own privacy gets completely destroyed each time someone rents the drone off you.


i agree with you my dear✌✌👏

I LOVE drones .. this project excites me.

Thanks for sharing this! Can't say no to free tokens lol

Free tokens!Super!!!

hi. Awesome information. nice token. well done.

great news ever thanks for sharing about bitcoin..cause bitcoin is my main earning site this moment..

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Sounds cool, thanks for the headsup, will hold tokens and see what happens.

Thanks for the share. Took coins! :)

Nice one. Will check out the free coin,hope its gonna be beneficial.

Interesting concept..necessary though..

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So nice!!

Interesting read. I look forward to seeing where this goes. Thanks for the heads up @brittuf

I've tried a few times now, but get a blank error each time. That's too bad, because free tokens are always a nice thing :)

I want to trande here.

can you help me? @brittuf

Thanks to share..

Wow great idea ... I'm very excited ....
But how to earn more...
and I want to trande here.

can you help me? @brittuf
thanks @brittuf

Thank you for this nice find, totally holding those tokens its still free crypto.

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Interesting @brittuf I'll take a look at Teleport

thanks for this

Interesting info thanks!

Great concept but I'm missing a crucial bit of information here. What will be the primary use for these drones? I can definitely understand the concept they're trying to create but will they be used to transfer goods? Money? Will this replace UPS?

I can hardly believe these drones are just for recreational use, so who is the targeted audience for flying these things?


rent for party, wedding maybe? somethimes just for fun? I don't know...
Or maybe this idea is to early to realise....


The impression that I got is that they're providing the hardware platform and depending on other developers to create apps or programs or services using the drone. The examples they used were home security... you could rent one to check something outside your house.

интересный проект

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Nice but can u develope more ur idea ?

I Like Post👍👍👍

this awesome, thank you...

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nice post.thanks

I'm not sure how I feel about someone using my drone without me being able to control or be with it the entire time, but maybe commercial companies could take more advantage of this. That being said, free tokens are free tokens, right?

I got my tokens thanks for the tip, can you withdraw them onto a wallet does anyone know ?


I would imagine after the tokens go on sale Jan 1st you will have more options to move them to a wallet or market.

An useful information @brittuf.

I have a bitcoin on my wallet but never notice where Can I sell it on.


happy to help if you contact.
have a great day!

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Man i love airdrops but im usually too lazy to join any one of them.

Have a good day boyz! ✌️

About to make some sick gains!

100% profit in airdrop teleport token :D

That's what's up.

Good looking out my man

Free tokens... Catch me in the front of the line...

Thanks for sharing this post. I'll check out Teleport shortly.

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That's a pretty good token (I think).

This looks interesting! I signed up -- got me free 50 tokens -- and will keep an eye out for what happens with Teleport tokens :)

#resteemed you and followed

nice 4work!