Cryptokitties Tip#2 Free Kitty Giveaway! How to use Kittyexplorer

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Congrats to the winner of the last cryptokitties post. I will announce them in about 10 mins in the comments section. I will be giving away a Free Kitty for this post as well! Just Follow me, Upvote, Resteem, and Comment with something relevant and remember to include your Kitty Wallet Address.

Stats Section


The screens above give you a good idea what the market is doing. The most important chart IMO is the average kitty price. This helps you determine whether its a buyers market or a sellers market.

Price History Section


This section helps best when trying to find out how much to sell a kitty for. Put your gen, fancy, and cattributes in the search to find out how much comparable Kitties sold for on the market.


This is some kind of genome project. I think they are trying tomake it easier to find out what parents you need to make certain Kitties. I use this site to get an accurate Kitty population analysis. Kittyexplorer does this also, but Cyptokittydex is more accurate and up to date. You can find out how rare Cattributes are and how many of each fancy exists.

Remember to follow,upvote, resteem, and comment with your KittyWallet Address

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Im heavy into cryptos and still dont own a crypto kitty, shame on me.

Thanks for sharing this! I've been trying to learn more about cryptokitties, it's such a crazy concept, but I'm loving the attention it brings to the space.

I mean with BTC prices skyrocketing I think it makes more sense to try cloud mining because of higher returns. 10% OFF voucher: HF17PROF5

Congrats @juliakponsford ..They had some great questions that inspired this post. Heres your kitty.

I love him he's adorable :D Thanks again! I managed to find the kitty explorer that was exactly what i was looking for!


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Thank you!!!!

I couldn't buy one cuz I'm terrible at it apparently. Also didn't know what the heck was going on to be honest.

Thanks for Sharing this useful information.

I want a kitty! Mine got lost a few weeks ago and I don't think it's coming back ☹️, this is the next best thing. Can I rename the kitty so it'd be called the same as the one I lost? 0xcB2c7b7fE6b403496d09B9ef2bD9877Fb3CC2328

Is it a good strategy to buy kitties and breed them or sire them and take commissions ? 0x52bfb5b8bdfd31abbb1c99cb754b2133bd627562

Good strategy, but you still have to make sure you buy low and sell high. You also have you stay up with what traits are valuable

I am finding it difficult. The cost of siring and buying a new kitty is some what close. Just that can expect some rare only by sire. Also the sale price is not that great now. May be I should just keep these kitties for some time idle.

thanks for sharing this...i have been trying to learn more about cryptokitties....

I hope this game does not saturate the network again hehe


CryptoKittie Address: 0x6D56c9b7422ab79a40512c19c8DC02F7db6Da764

I hope I win my first kitty! Thanks for the info.

Looks interesting.

Wow, this is so kind of you to do. Sharing is caring...

I hope one day when I have enough of them, I can do a similar gesture of giving away these crytptocuties to others... For now, I have none but I hope that I can start breeding and adoring these pixellated balls of cute furries soon...


very funny and good idea to earn some money, people are crazy sometimes especially in the crypto world like me believing that bitcoin will go $1 million ☺

How I just loved how this exciting got viral in just a couple of days, and I heard that when cryptokitties got aired the ETH blockchain got clogged just WOW! How I wish I have my own pair of cryptokitties so that I can start breeding my own kitties. As what your post said don't forget to post my address so here it is


Thanks in advance though ^_^

I have no Crypto kittie yet. Is there actually trading/investing going on or is this project already dead? Would like to have a kittie to see smart contracts in actual action!

The market is active and gaining new users daily

I would love to get a kitty! Thank you!


@brittuf I would love a CryptoKittie and I already have MetaMask Wallet to put it in..............

If you do not mind, I have a couple questions actually.
Is it better to breed as low generation kitties as possible and expect that 1% chance to get fancy one or is it better to breed a higher generations with the newest cattributes and expect to get a brand new cattribute?

Also, how it is possible that kitties with a current newest cattribute (ex. hotrod) are cheaper than kitties with the older cattributes (there are more of them too than the "hotrod" ones)..?

Sorry for silly question, just still trying to get a grip ^.^

If you still have a spare one I'd be more than glad to give her home -> 0xc5a1de57cdc609eefc70ccd47cd0867f2e6e1d02

Followed and resteemed this. This new viral game may seem silly at first, but it actually is quite fun! It also goes to show that one can truly create viral dApps on Ethereum, as long as Ethereum scales fast enough...

Thanks for Sharing this useful information.Looks interesting.

Cryptokitties, digital cats... What's next, maybe pokemons on blockchain...
There are huge possibilities. Computer gaming can take a whole new form with the help of blockchain where your character will be completely yours without any duplicates.
Followed , upvoted and resteemed.

Thanks for sharing this!

I searched everywhere for this and found the info in 'hot' page. very nice. I did an amateur tips few days ago on how to customize your browser looking for rare breeds.
Thanks for this infos and the views on it.

with prices this low

the game has flopped

its over ?

Nah... its just like an ico. Initial drop after launch pump, then worldwide adoption and steady increase

oh okay ! Thanks

Thanks for Sharing. Resteemed! Upvote)
thank you!!!

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this is good advice, I'm glad that you are deemed by them

This is great! I have 2 real kitties at home, having lost my long-time cat from old age and health problems. I'd love to get my own Cryptokitty and name it after her. Maybe I'll win one, that would be great.

Here's my wallet address: 0x3b4b1043da54d96a48685b0465dfde5694385118

I miss my old fat cat.

Hoping to get my first cryptokitty!

Thanks for sharing

Great contest

These cryptokitties giveaways are genius. No way these digital cats are a good long term hold.

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thanks for this post, its very informative post. i was read this post

I participate again 0xba7961d78bde5495ec0543afc08532e9ba93e4da

I'm still in need of a Cryptokitty to love. :( Thank you for the tips. :D

Thank you !

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Wonderful idea. How do I get my own cryptic kitty?

Thank you for sharing this useful Information @ brittuf

Resteemed! Amazing post, thanks for sharing! 🦄

Thank you brittuf for good explanation about cryptokitties. This is very important point when it's time to buy or sell a kitty.
I'm new in this and appreciate guidance from experienced people. Kittens are adorable, they could be a desirable gift for upcoming Christmas for a lot of people who follow the idea of block chains.
I owned a bit of crypto currencies, but non of crypto collectibles yet.
I am not sure if I am late and this my adress for kitties:
CryptoKittiesWallet adress

Thank you for giving a hope and helpful information!

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I want a cat and better of the two. 0xba9ee233c21cad99a0b3ba0c0225c45050df4512

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