BNB Looking Good

in #crypto2 months ago

Hi Friends,

One of my bigger crypto holdings is Binance coin, and it has been rising as of late... the chart is looking good:


I am staking some BNB but the returns are fairly small - fluctuating from 8 to 15% apy. I like the Binance Smart Chain for defi projects, so I think BNB has some good utility. They also have a good app and exchange, and I like using it better than Coinbase Pro for many transactions.

Hopefully we get a good run in before the end of the year!

Thanks for coming by,


I've been noticing BNB as well, looking solid lately

For sure my friend!

There can be very good profit in this because the difference of 15 percent is good, in which one can buy and sell. @brain.rrr

Yes, agreed my friend!

Definitely the price of BNB woke up and is gaining prominence, all this due to the financing that the Binance Smart Chain received in order to accelerate its growth. I think that before the end of the year there will be good results.

Good thoughts, thank you.

Setting up well for sure!

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