BRD comes to Steemit!

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BRD is so much more than just an app to store crypto!


BRD is one of the most popular digital currency wallets, loved by our growing base of customers. Starting out in 2015 as a simple app to allow you to hold and transfer bitcoin, we are now in the process of building the first truly decentralized financial institution in the world, known simply as BRD.

BRD is a venture-backed company based in Switzerland with customers in over 150 countries.


Why are we joining and the Steem blockchain are leading the way when it comes to a completely decentralized crypto-backed social media outlet. So naturally, BRD - a company that focuses on true decentralization of assets - would want to be a part of it. BRD sees the potential here to cultivate relationships with other crypto and block-chain enthusiasts. We plan on using our voice on this platform to help share information about our company, products, and giveaways, such as our 4-week airdrop that is currently underway.

Augustus Airdrop HERE!

BRD’s mission

To financially liberate individuals from banking institutions by giving them complete control of their money, and the ability to store their life savings in their pocket. Our pledge is to enable all individuals to pursue their financial dreams outside the old system!

How will we accomplish this?

We will achieve this mission by focusing on the experience we provide our users. We measure success by the ease with which new and non-technical users can get started using our products, and by the high level of security we are able to offer behind the scenes. Many believe cryptocurrencies can be easy or secure, but not both; we have broken the mold and proved that is not true

Our offer to the world is simple: Financial freedom in the palm of your hand. Every day, more people take the first step by downloading our iPhone and Android apps, and we look forward to the years ahead.

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Welcome to Steem, Bread!

I think renaming to BRD was a bad move. Not pronounceable without knowing it used to be called "Bread." 3 consonants, 0 vowels. I understand the idea is to unify behind your app token's branding but the ticker/trading symbol is the wrong name to get behind.

I don't see any mention of your Steem account here on, Twitter, or anywhere else I've looked. Given this world of cryptocurrency is filled with fakes, would you mind confirming you own this account using your existing official channels? Thanks.

Thanks for your comment @pfunk we will send out some links to this Steemit account today on our official Twitter and Facebook pages.. As @Jellybool has stated we are in the process of building a new website. We will have a link to this account on our social media links then, And our rebrand to BRD will be a little more clear. Cheers, and thanks for protecting our brand by asking for proof we are who we say we are.

I don't see any mention of your Steem account here on, Twitter, or anywhere else I've looked.

BRD(Bread) is new to Steem and they will fixed this little issue.

I think renaming to BRD was a bad move

Maybe we should wait for the new website and then you might change your mind.

Exactly my thought, it sounds so pre-fall of the Berlin Wall.

Hopefully it will become a little more 2018 when the website is released.. :)

BRD is so much more than just an app to store crypto! BRD is already one of the most popular digital currency.

Steemit isn't "completely decentralized ". People who own the most steem power control the content on the platform and silence people they disagree with, curtailing peoples rights to freedom of speech along the way.

Just to add in my dimes:

Steem (the blockchain) is completely decentralised of nature. Any content can be placed by anyone with an account on the blockchain from anywhere in the world. No censorship, no blocking as there will also be a node left unblocked seeing the p2p nature of the chain.

  • What that placed content in the end will take home from the rolling reward pool is the result of the up and downvotes.

  • Whether that content is being displayed or not on one of the many interfaces of the Steem blockchain, is totally up to the given interface. For example you can see any comment on You can also actually see any comment / post on Steemit (another interface of the chain), but might have an annotation: 'Content hidden due to low rating, click to reveal'.

Seeing any content can be posted and not removed by anyone, there is "no curtailing people's rights to freedom of speech". Steem / Steemit and other interface are way more than the 'trending' pages, if you look through the bushes of $ :)

I mean, can you access facebook in china? Can you post nipples on facebook? Double no. Right here, on the Steem chain, you can. Hello freedom of speech.

The problem is if you simply restrain or hinder my freedom to speak, for my post to be seen, - you don't have to block it out right ("this post is no longer visible"...) - that is still a hindrance to my rights. Being made invisible is a hindrance.

Also using china and facebook aren't good counter-examples because they are explicitly immoral. "I'm more moral than Ted Bundy which is good right?". Not really because you could still be a complete asshole by that criteria. Being better than bad isn't good enough.

Just as an example i'll flag your post, which you could unflag only because you have more SP than me, but imagine if you couldn't do that? I don't think that's right. I'm making you invisible and hindering your ability to express yourself in a very real way. This is an impediment to your freedom to express yourself unhindered. And no one will help you because i'm not accountable to anyone and I really should be for being such a dick. People are being flagged simply because other people don't like them.

If I had a billion steempower i become the centralization. I'll decide, i'll make the rules, people are already behaving like bastards on here.

I don't think being made invisible and demoted to a sister site is a good enough solution.

Every project has growing pains. Hopefully these pains will be worked out and steemit will become stronger in the end.

I think the "growing pains" issue is seperate from the fact that, right now, users with the most power, can bully others into silence. Are you comfortable with a platform where bullying is an inherent part of the system? Do you think that's ethical?

I use Bread all the time.. love the simplicity, I recommend it to all new bitcoiners.
How about adding Steem as a supported currency?

We want to be a digital currency wallet.. ERC20 support is going to be the next update. We have plans to keep expanding to other coins so its a possibility..

Unbelievable, I was just talking about steem and steemit for Bread Wallet...

I am looking forward to you guys adding more coins and your BRD token.

ERC20 is very very close! Keep your eye out. In the meantime make sure you signup for free BRD tomorrow. The second week enrollment starts at 8am PST.

Guys Bread Wallet is a big deal...They do not hold customers funds the same way AirBNB owns no property.

This is a huge deal when it comes to scaling to multiple countries with varying rules and regulation.

I am interested to learn more about how bread wallet is making their money, what their roadmap is going into the 2020's, and much more, will put a lot of time and effort into researching you guys and will look to see if you offer any job employment because this sounds like something I would love to be a part of

We are kind of a huge deal! But we try to stay humble! ;)
Thanks for your kind words. We are infact looking for a few people to help out with the project.

BRD is so much more than just an app to store crypto! BRD is already one of the most popular digital currency.

I'm Glad to see BRD using Steemit to reach more people.

thanks for the welcome!

Breadapp. Sound cool, welcome guys.

Welcome! Been hodling this since the start, I like what you guys are doing!

Thanks for your support..

So, what exactly is Bread? Just a wallet?

Breadwallet was just that but has been busy.. You can buy crypto in the app now without ever putting funds on an exchange. They don't keep any personal data about users either, so I like that no one really knows who has what or how much.

Give us a try and see for yourself.. :)

Nice i love bread!!:DDDD

Thanks, We love being loved by you!

This is the first time I've heard of the app and looking at the comments of other reputable Steemians, will look into it.

Nice! Welcome to steemit - it makes sense for BRD to be here 😊

Hey @breadapp, want free resteems? All ya gotta do is follow me...

Very good application for checking cryptocurrency and receive notifications
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