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I've spent the majority of my time this last year divining deep into the cryptocurrency industry in order to prepare myself for the next wave of innovation.

This week when reading Todd Kelsey's, Introduction to Search Engine Optimization, the chapter discussed getting started with a blog, website, and Youtube as well as producing different forms of content that's appropriate upon the three.  

Fourtently for me, I have already stared my personal blog and youtube channel, along with multiple social platforms.  My personal profiles have mainly been a place to share my lifestyle and connect with friends, but I am now focused on expanding my influence on my network of followers as I continue my entrepreneurial journey towards success.  One goal I have for this semester is to create a personal website to organize my current content production and centralize my personal portfolio.

Similarly, I have all of my social media profiles and a blog on the Steemit platform for my social media community, CryptoLookout. The Youtube is still getting off of the ground, but I have recently posted my first few videos.  One is an interview with the CEO of a cryptocurrency exchange, Beaxy

Now, the development of the CryptoLookout community website is the top priority.  I have been working on the website plans and execution for some time.  Last semester, I built out the three-year financial projections along with an elaborate Integrated Marketing Campaign. I have also recently built out a team to help through the startup process. As we finalize the web designs, I'm taking the future customer's educational process into heavy consideration. 

The purpose of the community is to walk individuals through the starting process of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology.  This includes education needed on the history of money, our current monetary system, the flaws in the system, an introduction to bitcoin, and the future implementations of the blockchain technology into the real world.  

After educating the individual on why digital assets are the way of the future, we will show them how to get started with the basics.  Walking individuals through how to set up wallets, send digital money to and from, how to safely store assets, and what you can actually do with this new form of money!  This will be under the earn section of our website, referring to the opportunities that we present to our visitors.  

Finally, the #lookout hub has many special features to expand the educational experience for both the beginners and the experts in the space.  Ask your crypto questions, share your personal experiences in the space, and lookout for the other members as we are all on a team working toward globally decentralized success!

Outside of the website, we will be developing and distributing tons of content across many social media platforms.  The goal is to drive new individuals to our website to expand adopting and improve education in the space.

When the website is live, we will be going full time in content producing with curation, creation, collaboration in mind!  With so much going on in the space, we will rely on trusted news sources to provide live information. As we know your time is valuable, we will summarize the information and give the lookouts two cents for quick and easy updates in the space.  The educational information will be created in house, but we will make sure to collaborate with other influencers and content creators talking crypto.  These members will be crucial for the lookout adoption as they will be providing the additional education.  

Learn, earn, and #lookout

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