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Have you already noticed the official Wordpress counter on Levelnaut.com? If so, then you've already seen over one million visits there. But the fact is that this counter was not fixed immediately after the creation of the project, and in fact there are many more visits.

What is the secret of the popularity of the project? Why do people readily visit it and subscribe to Levelnaut.com? The answer is obvious - the site has a lot of useful and relevant information, as well as new projects and ideas appear here.

One of such projects is the recently created positive social network Poziturbo.com. Very active activity has now begun here and every day hundreds of new users join this social network. And the point is not even in the positive direction of the project, but in the fact that it is also a place for the exchange of information for cryptocurrency fans and ambassadors of the new coin of the Levelnaut project.

By the way, information about this coin will appear in the very near future, so I recommend subscribing to the site so as not to miss anything interesting. As many of you already know, airdrops, giveaways and bounty campaigns will be conducted using this new coin. And now is the best time to not only join a new social network, but also create your own group there, as well as invite friends to become moderators in it. Because it is the creators of such groups and moderators who will be rewarded in the first turn.

However, this is not all the most interesting and positive news, and soon you will learn more about everything. In the meantime, we congratulate all the creators and participants of the Levelnaut project on passing this important milestone, which is called the first Million Visitors.

Boris Siomin,

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