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As you know, the blockchain state Elven Land is now one of the hottest topics, if not on the Internet, then in the crypto world for sure. Many authors, bloggers and crypto writers are now writing articles on this topic. Especially for them, this article contains some facts about this interesting project. The information that is collected here will be constantly updated and supplemented for the convenience of people who write about Elven Land.

The main key phrases by which a project is found in search engines are such as Elven Land, Elven Club, Elven Coin.
The first of 26 Elven Land coins, the ELVEN cryptocurrency was released on May 19, 2021, and this date can be considered the starting point for the entire project, although this was preceded by many years of preparatory work.

The main team of the project currently employs more than 30 managers. This is a multinational team and all information about it and about the founders of the project can be found on the main site ElvenCoin.Info or on the blog page https://levelnaut.com/2021/07/02/all-elven-land-coins/

Here, by the way, you can find a brief description of all 26 cryptocurrencies of the Elven Land state blockchain and the contacts of the leaders.

To date, the project is being discussed in more than a hundred working groups and chats, in different social networks, as well as in the Poziturbo social network and the official closed working network of the project Elven.land

The project provides for the participation of more than 700 ambassadors, representing absolutely all states of the real world, and the participation quota for some countries of participation has already been fulfilled, but there are also many free places.

Every day, hundreds of crypto enthusiasts join Elven Land who want to take part in the development of the project, in the creation of new platforms, sites and services, as well as in large programs for the implementation of NFT and GameFi directions planned for 2022.

We strongly recommend you to follow this website in order, not to miss some very interesting and important information.

Official website http://elvencoin.info
All Elven Land Coins
Elven Coin Groups and Chats
All Elven Land Ambassadors

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