5 areas for investment in 2021

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One way or another, but the coronavirus pandemic will end and humanity will cope with this problem. After that, a lot of questions will appear, including the field of investments, because, as you all perfectly understand, the world will not be the same. In this article, I am not going to analyze anything in detail and give serious economic justifications. Let economists do it if they want to, of course. Now I will present my own thoughts, which are based on almost 20 years of networking experience and more than 30 years of experience in the field of education.

So, if we speak very briefly and name only the five most promising areas for investment, we get the following list:

  • exploitation of space and colonization of planets
  • ecology and creation of a comfortable resort home called Earth
  • anti-aging and immunology
  • complete restructuring of the education system
  • everything positive (media, culture, art, etc.)

And now just a few words about each of the areas in which one can and should invest today, since all traditional areas of investment (exploitation of the planet's reserves, weapons, passive money accumulation, unlimited production in the sphere of consumption, etc.) either becomes less relevant, or even completely inadequate directions.

Space exploitation and planetary colonization. If you think that all these rich guys like Musk, Bezos, Branson and others are investing in space for high ideological reasons, then you are deeply mistaken. They absolutely do not give a damn about all the lofty motives and ideas, otherwise, they were not so rich. Space for them is an area of ??highly profitable and very promising investments. Therefore, it makes sense to take a closer look at this area and analyze absolutely all your own possibilities and ideas, including those that we do not even think about today.

Ecology and creation of a comfortable resort home called Earth. If space is actively developing now, then one should think about where to return from all these space expeditions. In this regard, the Earth is very well suited for the role of a resort, a place for recuperation and receiving spiritual motivation and relaxation, and not for turning it into another current Mars. Therefore, all developments in the field of ecology and improving the quality of life on Earth will be in great demand.

Anti-aging and immunology. With immunology, everything is clear. For this, we can all say "thank you very much" to the coronavirus pandemic. You don't even need to explain anything here. But if we do not pay due attention to aging, which in fact is also a disease, then the first two points from this list may not be relevant for everyone who is reading these lines now.

Complete restructuring of the education system. I already wrote about this in the article "School Monetization" but I will remind the readers again. The modern education system is completely useless - it is very time consuming and completely ineffective in terms of how money works. We constantly deceive ourselves and substitute some concepts for others, confusing places where children and young people should spend time - with places where they should study. Today it is already obvious that there is absolutely no point in combining these two concepts. And the pandemic (thanks again to her) taught us that you can learn anytime and anywhere. Therefore, the emphasis in investing in education systems should be shifted towards restructuring and certification of absolutely all specialists in all spheres, as well as those who study or teach something.

Everything Positive. I have been talking about this more and more often lately and this is what worries me a lot. We hardly think about our psychosomatic system and consume the negative in gigantic quantities. Don't be fooled. Conduct a simple experiment - just read the titles of news in any media and you will understand everything. Soon we will get to the point where we will be mining positive, like gold in mines. That is why positiveness in the media, culture, art and in all spiritual spheres will be a profitable topic for investment.

And finally, a few words about my personal plans for 2021. I already wrote about this, but I want to make a few important clarifications. Firstly, we in Levelnaut, plan to change the concept of the project and focus our attention on creating simpler training toolkits and instructions, as well as improving levelbooks, not only for the field of Internet entrepreneurship, but also for all other areas of life, based on the concept of Josh Kaufman.

In the very near future, we plan to enter the ICO with a new cryptocurrency, information about which will appear in press releases soon. We will also conduct a very interesting round of pre-sale, with a drawing of an apartment in Cyprus and a presentation of a new pixel advertising project. In other words, we are very actively working to enter the crypto market and to occupy our niche in the field of online education and networking. Therefore, I recommend subscribing to our channels and blogs so as not to miss anything interesting.

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