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A time for reflection on my journey.
Recently, it has lead me to some very interesting folks in the CRYPTO world.
My head is spinning! I need to let all this STEEMIT, STEEM, BITSHARES, EOS, STOKENS, BITCOINS, HEROS, etc., all sink in...

My new venture of CRYPTO CONNIE with BITSHARES NOW on BLUE ROCK TALK with CONNIE WILLIS has me feeling like this at times:

But hopefully will have me feeling more like this when my Crypto-Ship comes in!!

Thanks for the new Blue Rockers, friendships, Steemians (Is that right?) and digital hope!

~ Connie🖖




I am listening to the video with Stan now. Couldn't catch it live last night. Stan is a great guest, brilliant and well spoken. Everyone should see the video!

I appreciate that Kenny. Interesting that more folks saw the promo post over the post with the actual interview.
~ Connie🖖

Which posts get attention often defies logic. Post regularly and you should see a few well rewarded posts. Interact as much as possible, especially by commenting on others' posts so more people will know you're here and maybe look at your stuff. Think long term about Steemit, its not a short term play. If you can bring some of your YT subscribers here, and some of your C2C audience, you'll do well. Just keep pounding!

Will do! Thank!
~ Connie

Happy Birthday Connie (: I just found you through your interview with @stan and I really enjoyed it and learned a lot! Welcome to Steemit! ❤️💯🎉

Thank you! More to come!
~ Connie

Happy birthday and it's amazing to see you are doing so well with your efforts. I huge thumbs up from over here in the UK and keep on Steeming! :)

Working it. Still trying to understand it. I keep going back to all your posts and others.
~ Connie

Hey! Happy birthday crypto Connie!🎂

Yaaay! Thanks!
~ Connie

A wonderful post. @bluerocktalk followedd

Happy birthday! Thanks for posting that interview with Stan earlier! Im looking forward to seeing some other great content from your show. Wish I had seen the Gerald Celente one earlier!... Take care @bluerocktalk

Thank you very much! YOu can still check out the post. If you follow me, you will find the posting for it. I don't have that many posts or watch it on my YT:
Let me know what you think!
~ Connie🖖

#Dare to ask... would you please check out my witness update... As I really really want to contribute to the platform as much as I can I need some witness votes to also pay my server. Consider I I could get a vote from you in the future. #daretoask

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Love it! Yaaay!
~ Connie🖖

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