The Politics of Crypto

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One thing that frustrates me about CryptoTwitter and Crypto, in general, is the politics. On the other hand, it's also one of the things that excites me, and other freedom-minded individuals.

I feel like some people know a lot about Economics and sound financial policy, but don't know much about Crypto (Peter Schiff comes to mind), while others are very techy but don't know much about why Crypto is valuable and what the financial use cases are (small blockers come to mind). So many people have blind spots, and can be prone to being easily influenced by censored platforms that give you only one narrative.

Another thing that comes to mind is that politics and politics related to economics is a big reason why many of us first got into Bitcoin. The first time I distinctly remember reading about it was approx. Fall 2012 on some minarchist/anarchist/libertarian blog or webpage. I had some vague recollection of maybe hearing it a few times before that, but only briefly or in passing. This was the first time I read an entire article on it, and I was fascinated. It's not surprising that most of the early Crypto OG's shared this political philosophy. You could just call it Freedom for short.

With how small the Crypto space still is, it can be a little frustrating with everyone fighting for clout/recognition/market-share/etc. That being said, I think it's really important to call out people that are ill-informed or are intentionally misleading people. I can sometimes be hesitant to criticize others since there's already so much negativity in the space. But when someone needs to be called out, I also think that's important.

One thing that happens in crypto is people tend to get into groupthink, and they also tend to heavily believe in a project if they have a moonbag of it, and can potentially make serious Satoshis if the project goes parabolic. I plan to expand on this topic in an upcoming episode of my podcast Darkside of the HODL Moon. Please feel free to check out my previous post that gives a synopsis on the first few episodes.


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