5 Reasons to Hodl

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  1. Although it may seem that the "easy money" has already been made by early adopters...we have yet to scratch the surface of total market demand. There are millions joining the party on a weekly basis and still....the majority of crypto investors own only a fraction of a full btc. This chart is borrowed from zerohedge, however is a terrific graphical representation of my point. 20170919_btc.jpg

  2. Hopefully this recent crypto market bloodbath has not given you a negative long term opinion on cryptocurrency as a whole, because this is a proof that the crypto market is not a bubble but a healthy market. If you think that coins should go up without correction, you are wrong because this is not possible. Try to recall any coin that went up without correction and is still going up? None actually. Try the same exercise with stocks...Don't hurt yourself....it's never happened.

  3. CHINA, CHINA, CHINA...Currently China is enforcing what I believe to be a short lived ban on the trading of cryptocurrencies on domestic exchanges and has banned domestic icos. Although this seems to have made Bitcoin for instance more resilient, it is signifigantly stifling one of the worlds most powerful economies and potential growth markets. You may be asking yourself...Does China hate crypto? Is China anti-cryptocurrency?....The simple answer is HARDLY. The People’s Bank of China has run trials of its own prototype cryptocurrency, taking it a step closer to being the first major central bank to issue digital money. China’s vision, however, seems to be based more on taking full control of such transactions in contrast to the libertarian aspirations of Bitcoin. Nevertheless, once the PRC decides on regulation...prepare to ride the tidal wave of new capital that is likely to push cryotocurrency market capitalization past $1 TRILLION USD.

  4. Wall Street....has anyone noticed that Wall Street consensus opinion of cryptocurrency has turned 180 degrees since Christmas. Even Jamie Demon, Ceo JPM Chase has changed his tune. Who remembers this: Screenshot_20180118-193705.png

He's right....10x gains do make me feel stupid.

Now try this one on: Screenshot_20180118-194107.png

Just like Wall Street stuffed shirts and talking heads to back pedal when their wrong.

The truth is Wall Street has recognized the potential of blockchain technology and the limitless potential of cryptocurrency to shift the centuries old central banking paradigm...and they want in. They just needed newcomers to the marketplace to second guess their hearts and wallets while they "loaded up"

Imagine the demand pressure on crypto currency markets when the first publicly marketed and traded ETFs hit the market in 2018. These banks will need to purchase billions of dollars of crypto to package and sell to Mom and Pop for purchase in their IRA's etc.

Gains will be exponential. Fact

  1. It's only just the beginning. This is only the second inning in a game not unlike Americas Pastime. You can make insane returns even if you strike out 70% of the time. Be of the mindset that you are finally ahead of the game and are laying the groundwork for the creation of wealth for yourself and your family that perhaps even months ago seemed like a distant pipedream. Winning is never easy. Winning takes guts, perseverance, foresight, sticktoitiveness, and determination. Be DETERMINED to be on the right side if history.



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If the Chinese are allowed to invest there will be a flood, Chinese investment propped up the US real estate market for years because they don't have a lot of good ways they are allowed to invest their money.

The Chinese will find a way with or without government. I would bet on regulation, followed by the flood you mention (government will get their cut).

There, also, the theory that these January corrections are because of the Asian New Year's. I expect the price to stabilize, but there could be substantial growth when investment funds start acquiring crypto currencies.

yh.. that is a really good point


Truth 👊😎

👊 Keep HODLing or die trying. 👊

Werd 👊😎👍🍻

Hodl is not the best strategy but also not the worst

This is a nice article and enjoyed reading it. I don't feel like hodling is the only strategy that works. At the end of the day I want to make money or atleast own more cryptocurrency than I used to own before. Hodling just allows what you own to become worth more, but you aren't actually making money or more crypto. In my opinion you can make good money if you buy one of the more established altcoins e.g ethereum,litecoin or monero. You should buy in a time when bitcoin is really taking a dip and when people are panicking. At that point buy it and hold it until you can sell it for a profit. (How long that might take is besides the point.) If you can sell it for a profit the same day or few hours later then do that. If you have to wait a week then , wait a week, but don't sell unless you are making a profit. Sell for profit and don't let your greed affect your decision making. Even if you are making a 20% profit that is really good. You can even divide your portfolio in half and only day trade with half of what you own and hodl the rest. Not sure if I'm making sense here?

Agreed...my point was dont panic and sell into weakness. Name of the game is stack those coins.

Looks like a head-and-shoulders pattern is emerging which should rinse away the Bitcoin flakiness soon. Great time to Yodel or something.

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 12.09.00 AM.png

The bloodbath is the confirmation to buy more and just hodl it.

Great post bro, I’m learning. 😎

well writing article, most of them who never believe in cryptocurrency before has seen reasons to believe in it now.

I have no choice but to HODL. I'm in Acapulco and all my currency is cryto :P

Damn that picture is legit, hodling all day here

The longer I HODL, I continue to see a rise long term. I tried to day and swing trade and end up losing out on big gains and fees from time to time. Sure sometimes it works out, but one mistake can lead to massive losses when the market has a huge gain. Just hodl and buy on dips and see you wallet grow. MOON!!!

I have been in since November and honestly believe we are still right at the beginning. This will change how our whole world operates. Still only a small % of population has adopted so Market cap will soar once more people are onboard!

Great post! I’m fully prepared to HODL. I agree with the viewpoints you made. The fact that cryptocurrency is still in its infancy yet creating waves of notoriety shows that this is just the beginning. The best is yet to come!

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I'm all set to hodl.
Nice post.

Majority of the posts that have anything to do with cryptos always start off with Bitcoin, I mean if I spoke to an average dude about cryptos he'd probably say "oh bitcoin and shit", I honestly feel it's kind of over hyped. Personally I prefer to deal with ETH as a main coin, faster transactions, lower fees, usable for the majority of ICOs. I assume that 2018 might be the year of ETH hopefully, unless there's a way to somehow upgrade BTC.

i agree hold some coins long. but i think it's also wise to do some short term investments to .if u look at ripple u buy @ 1dollar and u can sell 2 months later @3 i think u are making a lot of progress if u ask me

My strategy and I know some people share it is to HODL most of my assets, but also have an active trading account. (like 30% of my total) Market corrections like the last one are great opportunities to cash in on oversold bounces and on the way back and generally it is a good feeling to make some money while your overall portfolio is taking a hit...
I also have to note I am by far not as profitable (yet) with trading compared to HODLing, but it is kind of an "insurance policy" and I know if I had more time to do it, it could be far better.

Can you make a top 5 cryptocurrencies you are hodling for the long term?

Neo eos litecoin ven zcash

Awesome! Thanks for you input!

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