XAYA: Revolutionizing Gaming through the Blockchain

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Introduction and Problem Statement 

I like games. You love games. We love gaming!!

I think gaming is one of mankind's foremost recreational activity. From the elations of a mission completed to the sizzling joy of a puzzle solved, games are a doorway to relaxation and endless intrigue. 

 Games however, have evolved from 2D renditions to the highly complex worlds of games like Warcraft , League of Legends and Clash of Clans. This steep development in the quality of games has put no small amount of pressure on game developers to do more in in order to satisfy a really insatiable population of gamers. Pressure which most developers can't cope with in terms of the cost of game development.

  In order to incentivize game play, most games offer in-game trophies for the accomplishment of different tasks. I do remember my brother who would stay up all night playing a single PlayStation game in order to earn a platinum trophy. One day curious asked what a platinum trophy is. "It is a trophy given for completing a game totally" he said. "How is it useful that you keeping working so hard for it?" I asked again. "It would show up on my PSN profile and give me all the bragging rights" was his reply. Upon enquiry on its further usefulness, he was lost and his face fell.

 The truth is gamers deserve more than ego soothing rewards for the games they play.  The world, as we know it is being revolutionized by the idea of the blockchain. The gaming world too is not left out. A true revolution of gaming and virtual asset ownership is therefore truly here. Thanks to the blockchain.    

The XAYA Revolution of Decentralized Autonomous Universes: Just Imagine... 

  Now, imagine a decentralized virtual reality that runs severless without the hiccups associated with centralized servers. Imagine a virtual world where millions of players compete for rare in-game assets which will not only serve to soothe a player's ego but would rather be fully tradable for real world money.   

 Just imagine a situation where all developers are able to effortlessly develop intriguing gaming worlds from  concept to release in a relatively short time without incurring the usual high costs in terms of the hosting of such games on servers or other costs associated with running such games.

Just imagine a situation of perfect harmony, a situation of joy for the gamer, a possibility where a gamer who collects rare in-game assets is able to trade such assets for real world money, a situation which would render the avid gamer not just uselessly virtually rich but also concretely rich in terms of game assets which can be sold and exchanged. So awesome!!

Hi! Just imagine XAYA!! 

It is pertinent to note that the XAYA team is comprised of individuals who are experienced blockchain game developers having been the front runners of blockchain gaming as well as business experts who are sure to take Xaya to the utmost heights of success.

The XAYA Model Characteristics 1.0: Conveniences for Gamers

The need for proper ownership of virtual assets by gamers and the trade of such assets is one of the foremost problems which XAYA solves for gamers. In addition, XAYA ensures the following for the gamer:

  • Provably fair gameplay
  • Reliability and stability hence the platform would have a 24/7 uptime.
  •  Secure and true virtual asset ownership 
  •  The easy sharing and trade of virtual assets and the ability to play games in order to earn (human mining)
  •  Secure social networking 
  • Easy to use game app launcher 

2.0 Achieving the Developer's Dream

The XAYA platform provides an array of infrastructural tools that enables to developers to effortlessly develop their games up to their taste and satisfaction. Through the instrumentality of XAYA, they can develop their own decentralized games and issue game currencies which can be traded for XAYA's CHI.

The following represents some of the advantages the platform Xaya would offer game developers:

  •  Fully, semi or non-decentralized game development
  • The ability to support massively scalable multi-player games.
  • The ability to create virtual assets and currencies
  •  Accepting and managing gamer payments simply, securely, and affordably 
  •  Ability to build gamer loyalty 
  • The availability of pre-built game libraries.

The HunterCoin Experiment: A Green light for XAYA.

Huntercoin was a game created by the XAYA team way back in 2013 in order to test the market and get a practical manifestation of the XAYA idea. Huntercoin was therefore largely autonomous and ran on no centralized servers. Within a short while, huntercoin had recorded about 35,000 unique characters even and had achieved a market capitalization of about $1million and later $7million in 2017. This amazing feat of the HunterCoin is therefore a precursor to the fact that XAYA is destined for success hence the unique oppurtunities it offers both developers and gamers.

Enabling Functionality: The CHI 

The CHI is the reserve currency of the XAYA platform and would fuel all transactions carried out on the platform. The CHI is responsible for such crucial activities as creation of accounts, account transactions, the purchase or rent of game asstes and accounts as well as game transactions and coin transactions. The XAYA token exchange period would also allow anyone who is interested to exchange Bitcoin for the CHI.

The CHI Coin Distribution.

 XAYA's Innovative Technologies

The XAYA cryptocurrency is built on the blockchain and has incorporated the Proof-of-Work model for security. The XAYA ecosystem of player accounts and all other relevant information are securely built into the blockchain which necessitates the need to leverage the intrellectual property which was indeed pioneered by the XAYA team back in 2013 through the Namecoin and Huntercoin. These intellectual property include:

  • Atomic Transactions:  Atomic transactions allow for the secure and indeed trustless trading of game currencies, virtual assets and even whole game accounts for the CHI, which is the native currency of the XAYA platform. The ability to securely and trustlessly trade through atomic transactions would ensure the thriving an economy as well as ensure demand for the  CHI. It is pertinent to note that this idea has already been pioneered in Namecoin.
  • Game Channels: This is an extension of Bitcoin's payment channels which would enable XAYA scale to a global target size. It also enables limitless and near real-time gaming on the blockchain.
  • Ephemeral Timestamps: Enables the  making of transactions on the main blockchain in order to resolve disputes by the time-stamping authority of the blockchain, amortized mining incentives and Merkle-ized hash commitments in such a way that the honest participant does not lose.

The XAYA Technical Details

XAYA is based on the very much proven technology of Namecoin and allows for game accounts and tradable in-game assets that are very much valuable. Ownership therefore tracked on the blockchain ina decentralized way and enables the prevention of fraud by ensuring that transactions are signed by both parties in order to successful such that both transfers happen or none goes through at all.

A Taste of XAYA's Reality: Games to be Released.

XAYA's potential impact on gaming is immeasurable and immense. It is therefore not merely an imaginative concept but one that is highly achievable as obtainable in many games which XAYA plans to release. Among these are:

Soccer Manager

Soccer Manager is very much a popular game which allows players to manage teams and compete with each other. XAYA would enable the true ownership of virtual assets amassed by players during game play ranging from teams to stadia and players while being provably fair.

With XAYA therefore, players can be true managers!

Fighter Treat

Treat Fighter is another game XAYA would roll out. Players would be able to develop their own fighters to compete with other players. The game changer is the fact that Treat Fighter would run severless and ensure 24/7 uptime for gamers.

Indeed the visible application of the concept Xaya in games like Fighter Treat is key to the development of the Xaya platform.

The XAYA Use Cases

XAYA has a lot of use cases which cut across various game types that can be developed on the XAYA platform. Some of these are:

 Collectable Card Games

  Collectable Card games  such as Afterworld, 7th Sea and Adventure Time Card Wars expressly fall under the purview of the XAYA platform. Hence the ability to store data on the blockchain, Cards can be sold safely and trustlessly on the XAYA platform and this will be done with the most minimal of hassles through the instrumentality of the XAYA trading application. Collectable card games can also be developed on the XAYA plstform in order to leverage unbeatable advantages of severless games, provably fair gaming environments and trustless gaming transactions.

 Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) or Real Time Strategy (RTS) Games

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games are a new sensation with revenues rising as high as $1.7billion in 2016.  Such games as League of Legends, Dota 2 and Heroes of  Storm can be developed on the XAYA platform. XAYA would make MOBA games relatively easier to develop for developers by offering a higher degree of flexibility through the use of game channels and ephemeral time stamps and at the same time cut infrastructural costs such as server hosting. 24/7 uptime of such games is also highly made possible by XAYA.

Other use cases of XAYA include:

  • Turn based games such as  UFO Enemy Unknown.
  • Head to head games.
  • Virtual Reality.

Summary cum Conclusion

XAYA is a very much welcome innovative idea that is poised to revolutionize blockchain gaming through the introduction of Decentralized Autonomous Universes while  democratizing the development of games from concept to release by cutting costs normally associated with game development. 

The average gamer is also given considerable control and ownership of virtual assets while facilitating their trade. XAYA's security and fairness therefore comes in handy hence virtual assets have real world value. Hitherto, in-game assets where susceptible to loss through the crash of games being played, therefore rendering a player hopeless and stranded. However, XAYA's severless characteristics guarantees 24/7 game uptime thus enabling the security of assets as well as achieving fairness in decentralized gaming.

In order to achieve success, the importance of partnerships cannot be overemphasized. XAYA's partnership with  Socccer Manager and Treat Fighter would go a long way in making XAYA mainstream hence the already existing users of both games can see the advantages of XAYA practically through affording 24/7 uptime for both games as well as enabling the true ownership and trade of in-game virtual assets for fiat.  Soccer Manager is already a fairly established game with millions of downloads, its users will be migrated unto the XAYA platform which means tremendous growth for XAYA.

XAYA's scaling solutions would also most importantly impact the Virtual Reality world. Now imagine a decentralized virtual world that is limitless and totally scalable with millions of players competing with each other in such virtual worlds. Amazing isn't it? Welcome to VR Alpha!!

XAYA is therefore undisputedly the future gaming has ever looked forward to.

The RoadMap

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