Crypto World Evolution Review. Best Bitcoin Trading Software?

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In this quick Crypto World Evolution Review I am going to share with you a detailed insider perspective as someone who has purchased the CWE trading software.

This review is going to be unbiased and lay out exactly what I experienced and if I made money or not?

You will be surprised even shocked to discover what's really on the other side of your crypto world evolution membership.

Absorb this content in video form:

These following questions are the main topics covered in this blog post.

Does CWE Robot really work?
Can I start making money with CWE Robot?
How soon does it take to start earning Bitcoin?
Will CWE Robot make me rich?
How is CWE Robot different from lending platforms?
What are my exact steps to get up and running?
How much does CWE Robot cost?
Is there more to this than just a trading bot?
What kind of returns can you expect?

If you would like to learn more about the CWE company as a business... then read my fully detailed Crypto Evolution review where we go over the compensation plan, leadership, product details and more of that technical opportunity stuff.

Now, let's talk about the nitty gritty truth you are looking for!

And before I tell you my personal, first person experience, it's important for me to quickly share with you HOW this works in 4 simple steps because it will give you the whole picture as you continue reading...

1 - Purchase your trading bot
2 - Connect Binance or Bittrex API Key (you can use other exchanges like Okex and Hitbtc but Binance has less fees)
3 - Fund your Binance or Bittrex with the BTC you want the bot to trade WITHIN your OWN exchange account (you are NOT handing bitcoin to a third party. All your BTC and Altcoins stay in your exchange account! You are NOT waiting for a company to pay you based off what they say they can do. Make sense?)
4 - Click start, and let your new bot work for you

That's how simple it is... now here is my call of dutty version.

Crypto World Evolution First Person Review

I joined CWE robot 1/22/18 and I am writing this on 1/24/18.

Last night I sat down and set up my bot which only took me, ZERO seconds. The bot is already set up. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO is connect it to your favorite exchange like Binance or Bittrex using an API key. The API key is already made and you simply have to locate it, copy it and paste it into your new bot.

You NEVER have to learn HTML code, algorithms, how the blockchain works or how to day trade to start your CWE bitcoin trading software.

You will also have step by step team instructions the whole way through from my crypto-millionaire mentor Mike. The very same mentoring that allowed me to earn my financial freedom through Bitcoin and start trading Bitcoin for mega gains.

Day 0: From the Ashes...

I found Crypto World Evolution and was nervous to join because the 2 programs I joined, Bitconnect and USI-Tech, left the USA.

Neither company had announced any plans at the time to return to the USA market. So I felt like all of these bitcoin lending platforms were soon to follow Bitconnect.

Not because lending platforms are a crypto scam... but because it trumps the banking model where the bankers keep all the money while only paying out 0.01% yearly. Bankers are mad and even buying crypto now. Haha

Also, before deciding to join, the democrats threaten to shut down the government because they want to help random immigrants over it's own citizens who pay taxes and fight wars for us.

So before I joined, I was certainly scorned by another Bitcoin opportunity and questioning the powers the be.

Day 1: Turning Point

After a long conversation of over calculations and analytics with myself...

The thing that got me to join was this simple fact. You are buying a software and trading Bitcoin in your own Binance account!

Because it's a "log-in" based software (no downloads), or a lending platform... you are NOT investing. This is NOT a security.

You are NOT purchasing bitcoin packages.

CWE Robot completely avoids the legal category of a security or investment.

Why does this matter???

Because you now have an FTC compliant business and the chances of CWE vanishing is very slim, in my personal opinion.

Do you see what I mean?

So even if CWE retires... your Bitcoin and Altcoins will still be in YOUR Binance account.

You are 100% in control of your crypto assets, and they are never 'locked up' for any amount of time.

If the bot buys Litecoin and you just... want to sell it for whatever reason, you can instantly click one button and sell any Binance purchases made.

You are in complete control of your portfolio.

You are NOT sending off your youngest Bitcoin child to a work camp so you can get a loaf of bread each day, like lending platforms.

As far as anyone is concerned... when anyone looks at your Binance account, you have bought and sold these coins all on your own.

But we know it's the CWE bot really doing it.

And YES, you must pay taxes on your crypto profits.

At least keep track of the crypto you liquefy into cash recorded.

Think about it...

Stocks are ran by bots. The same stocks that your local banks use to invest your money at pay 0.01% yearly.

In order for this trading bot or other similar bots to disappear like Bitconnect, Bitcoin has to totally be outlawed all together.

After I knew this was a legit company, with real leaders AND there was a very very low risk over all, in my opinion, I click the big green join button.

Day 2: Hit the Ground Running

After I spent all day cleaning and moving stuff, I was able to stay awake long enough to connect my crypto evolution trading bot with Binance and fund it with $1,000 of Bitcoin.

Day 3: The voice of Freedom (Today)

Now, you have caught up to my present time line and the bot has been running for about 12 to 13 hours.

Let's see exactly how CWE spent my Bitcoin.

Please watch video to see more.

DISCLAIMER: This presentation has been prepared solely for informational purposes and is not an offer to buy or sell, or a solicitation of an offer to buy or sell and security, product, service or investment, nor is it intending to provide tax, legal, or accounting advice. Placement in the Cypto and FX markets should be considered high risk placements. The opinions expressed in this presentation do not constitute advice and independent advice should be sought from a suitable qualified professional relative to your personal circumstances.

Are you ready to start your very own Bitcoin trading robot?

Simply visit my personal site to apply for my personal team.

Thank you for reading this crypto world evolution review.

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This is a scam for sure! I would not buy into this even with Tie Lopez's crypto.

Lol, thank you for commenting. Love to see the support. This is 100% compliant. Please come up with some proof to support your statement. Have a great day.

Doesn't the fact that the CWE Bot has access to use the bitcoin in your Binance account still mean that the CWE owner/s can programme the Bot to extract all your Bitcoin. Or even simply access you Binance account via the permissions you have given your Bot. I suppose the Bot is an application sitting in your computer/phone memory with the ability to access your device as well? Hopefully the Bot source code is on Github so you can do due diligence on the software. Also I suppose you have done due diligence on the Bot owners?

Obviously a scam. Look at the website. LOL