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For those of you who saw my first post/ video you know that I am doing a little experiment using free RDD. The purpose of this was basically to see if someone could use faucets and get enough coins to stake. The short answer to this is yes.

However since I did that original post, two things have changed.

  1. All Coins is delisting RDD and withdrawals the past few weeks have been sporadic. The good new is you can still claim free RDD at BTCpop

  2. REDDCOIN is switching over to POSv which will mean more rewards for stakers. You could earn up to 25% annually. Be sure that you upgrade your wallet to the latest version.

This was a fun experiment. Yes you can in fact stake free Reddcoin , but it may take a while to earn enough coins to get staking rewards. In the meantime you can stake them in the pool at BTCpop. I personally don't recommend that you store any coins in a pool or exchange long term ; this way you are in control of your coins.

As a way to speed up the collection of free coins you can also join the faucet Free Bitcoin Once you claim enough coins for a payout you can send that payout to your BTC pop account and buy Reddcoin on the exchange.

My best estimate at the time of this writing is that you need a few thousand RDD to get staking rewards a few times a year. The more RDD you have, the more staking rewards you will receive.


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