FREE BAT Tokens without using the Brave Browser!

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Publish0x offers readers and bloggers free Crypto. some of the Crypto includes BAT token.

To earn as a reader you simply tip other people's work. The tip does not come out of your pocket and you get free tokens just for tipping. You can tip up to 5 times per day.

As an author you can also earn when members tip your articles. You do have to go through an application process to be an author.

I am able to earn more than enough BAT every week to get paid out. The minimum payout per token is 50 cents.

I've already been paid and am getting weekly payouts as I request them.

Join Publish0x and start collecting free tokens while helping other people earn more tokens for free!


Publish0x is a great crypto site! Nice job providing the info to the community.

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