Zillica Coin (Zilliqa) Favorable and Future Prospects - Get On Steem Campaign. (10 Reply Upvote)

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Zillica Coin (Zilliqa) Favorable and Future Prospects


Jillica is the first high-performance processing public block-chain platform designed to scale to thousands of transactions per second. Zilker intends to implement shading theory using a new protocol centered on scalable network services. Zilker divides the mining network into small shards (shards) and processes the divided mining networks in parallel.

Zilika is designed to deliver data-intensive, distributed applications that are designed to meet the expanding needs of applications in areas such as traditional payment methods such as VISA and MasterCard, digital marketing, and shared economic management. So today I will introduce Zilliqa (Zilliqa) and his prospects.


Key features of Zilica

With a clean sheet design, it is a new block chain that can be adjusted in scale order. It offers innovative new smart contracts built with high parallelism, agile commits and custom security budgets.

Provides a block-chain protocol with strong probabilistic security. Zilica is a block-chain protocol that can scale extensively with a new block chain of clean-slate designs and is mutually trustworthy with new smart contracts with high parallelism, atomic commits and custom security budgets.

zila speed.jpeg

Zilica is currently working on a testnet and is proceeding with completion of TestNet V1.0 in Q1 of 2018, TestNet V2.0 release in Q2, launch of mainnet in Q3, and Anchor Dapp release in Q4. ZIL is listed on 10 exchanges including Houbi and Binance. The future of Zilliqa is expected to improve block chained transaction performance with sharding technology. We have introduced Zillica Coin (Zilliqa) and its prospects.

V2.0 Testnet Launches Success !!!!

In the second quarter, Testnet V2.0 has been deployed and running successfully.

Spuul is the premier provider of video streaming content that Spokkz announced will run on the Zilliqa network. Spokkz is a film and television ecosystem. This provider has over 57 million user bases and serves content in 180 countries. This means there is enough reach.

The new open entertainment network also revealed the intention to build Zilliqa. Bolt aims to use block-chain technology to change how content, data, and training resources are accessed. They claim to be the world's first open entertainment economy and are listed on the Swiss Cheese Exchange.


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More Infomation Zilliqa

Home Page : https://www.zilliqa.com/

Zilliqa BLOG : https://blog.zilliqa.com

Zilliqa Telegram : https://t.me/zilliqachat

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Zilliqa is a actually a very good option to earn a lot.. I already have a lot of them in my kitty for long term


I feel like you have a good chance.
I wish you good luck.


@anishag I am also planning to hold it and expecting good returns from it in near future.Good luck

I am happy that Zilliqa is listed on Wazirx exchange, I can trade directly with fiat..


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