BitcoinDollar (BTD) Coin AirDrop - Get On Steem Campaign. (10 Reply Upvote)

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BitcoinDollar (BTD) Coin AirDrop - Get On Steem Campaign. (10 Reply Upvote)


BitcoinDollar AirDrop

Bitcoin Dollar is bringing the most secure, reliable, private and encrypted digital currency.
With a built-in smart contract, digital assets can be issued & distributed, applications can be built on the blockchain, making BTDOLL a valuable & functional token.

Airdrops are each limited to 2000 participants and participants receive 10 BTD tokens.
The Bitcoin dollar is currently traded on three Token exchanges as a BTD Token
In the future, trading will resume at Yobit via Yobit exchange (BTDOLL Coin) and Swap.

We will be conducting BTD token swap with BTDOLL to Yobit users from the exchange.
Scheduled swap, all BTDOLL sending and receiving transactions will be operational trade.



20~10 BTD (ICO Criteria $90 ~) will be airdropped August 1st 2018
Bitcoin Dollar is airdropping ICO criteria $200,000 worth in BTD tokens. Maximum 2,000 participants allowed to the Airdrop.

Click here to participate in Airdrop

Get started by following these steps:- Airdrop 10 BTD Token

1] Go to airdrop form

2] Join Telegram Channel

3] Follow on Twitter and retweet the pinned post

4] Submit airdrop form with your ETH address


Bonus Additional Airdrop 10 BTD Token

1] Go to airdrop form

2] Follow on Steemit and Upvote & Resteem the pinned post

3] Submit airdrop form with your ETH address

Always Remember 👉
🌟 Never share your private key with anyone!
🌟 Never spend money to get free tokens!

Bitcoin Dollar Get On Steem Campaign. (리플을 달아주시는 10분께 보팅을 드립니다.)


Hi Steemians!

We will start Bitcoin Dollar Get On Steem Campaign.
우리는 Bitcoin Dollar Steem 캠페인을 시작할 것입니다.

We all learn a lot of information from Steamit and get a lot of reply comments and steem.
우리는 모두 Steamit에서 많은 정보를 얻었으며 많은 의견과 스팀을 받았습니다.

We will vote at random at 10 first-served reply comment.
우리는 10 개의 리플에 대해 랜덤으로 보팅을 드립니다.

You would be grateful if you could read our post a lot in the future.
앞으로도 저희 POST를 많이 읽어주시면 감사 하겠습니다.

For BTD trading-

To be listed -

Forkdelta BTD Trading Address - (

거래소 1.png

EtherDelta BTD Trading Address - (

거래소 2.png

Tokenjar BTD Trading Address - (


Yobit Exchange BTDOLL Trading Address - (



Crypto Daily News Update Anouncement :

to the moon.gif
Img Link_ Go To The Moon

Copyright © 2018 BITCOIN DOLLAR, All rights reserved.
Website(Log in)-

-We have handover the requisite BTD tokens trading and token swap with BTDOLL coin in Yobit soon

-The vote on listing BTD on Binance, Kucoin and will continue soon.


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Is it a hard fork of bitcoin?


No. It's not hard fork of bitcoin @tumutanzi.
Bitcoin dollar is new crypto coin..


OK, good to know new thing.


Vote for support me @tumutanzi.
Your vote is pricious for me.

CryptoWeekyNews 👈👦 This is your own twitter account for daliy Crypto News Update...? Or anyother person...Thanks for this useful info...🔰...


I am a Steemit blogger and just a promoter.
Twitter did not care much because there was not enough follower.
In the future, we will manage Twitter well.

Very well written and informative article. Increased my knowledge. I love Airdrops. I get 51 AIRDROPS token. You are very well versed in writing. Keep up the good work.


Thank you for those kind words. I hope to be informative.

You will be continued your post....
Thank you @bitcoindollar

Nice! will hopefully make it to the 2000 people.


many people get an airdrop.

Useful! Thanks for good article.


Thank you.I hope to be informative.

Airdrops are easy way to earn some free money

I am impressed by the name Bitcoindolloar...
Seems like a promising one...


Good name seems to fit.
Would like to be a special Coin for that's name.

Thanks for the information. Very interesting.

Nice airdrop. trying.

Good information about this should be appricated...

Nice airdrop.


Thanks for your comment.

Hi, I'm trying to get the airdrop, but when I want to resteem your post, there's no option for that. Maybe it's because the post is too old? I want to fullfill all the steps.

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well very nice campaign and good Airdrop.@bitcoindollar well explained.

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Is it Legit ICO & Airdrop. Bitcoindollar

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