My Crypto Portfolio - VeChain (VEN)

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We are all crypto enthusiasts here right? I'd like to share some of my top crypto pics starting with Vechain:
I invested in VeChain early and then sold at a previous ATH. I decided to buy back in at a recent ATH. I bought in big and here is why:

Partnerships: It's not always easy to find a real product being put to good use in the crypto world. VeChain is doing just that. Founded in Singapore, VeChain focuses on supply chain and logistics solutions for a variety of clients. Their growing number of partnerships is quite impressive. These partnerships include luxury brands, wine companies and even an unprecedented partnership with the Chinese Government involving agriculture (something extremely rare in the crypto/blockchain world). If China fully embraces this technology, the companies they endorse will boom...VeChain already has a foot in the door.

Intelligent design and investment incentives: VeChain is in the process of moving off the Ethereum blockchain. During this re-branding VEN will become VET (VeChain Thor). Like with NEO and GAS, owning VET in the wallet they are creating will generate THOR. VET owners will be able to own two types of master-nodes and take part in the stability and future of VeChain. This provides great incentive for major investors (or anyone) to HODL HODL HODL! This, in turn, will affect supply in a good way.

Transparency: Don't all investors want to see this? Vechain is dedicated to being transparent and they are disclosing their quarterly financial executive reports starting from Q4 2017 on.

In conclusion: I think VEN/VET has a very promising future and potential to really skyrocket. Waltonchain (WTC), by comparison) is doing similar work and is currently sitting around $37 USD. VeChain at the time of this post is roughly $7 USD.

Disclaimer: I am not a financial adviser and this is just my opinion! Do your own research and tell me if you agree.

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I think vechain is interesting for sure but dont be tricked by Waltons token value, they are not comparable.

Walton has a circulating supply of 24,898,178
Vechain has a circulating supply of 457,657,260.

That means there about 19 times as many Vechain. So for the price of vechain to match walton the market cap would have to be 19 times larger than walton's.

Today if that happened vechain would leap from 3 bill market cap to 18: Not impossible but that would be remarkable.

It would have to pass ADA, LTC, NEO, EOS, and it would br number 5 on coinmarketcap.

Again, maybe but thats a huge leap.

Nevertheless I do like vechain. Not trying to dump on your investment. Hope you see that.


The one think I regret is not getting a VET masternode. Now it's become too expensive for me.

I hear ya...but still a good thing to hold either way

Yeah, this is a long time hold for me for sure.

Absolutely! Ven is currently undervalued and there's a great potential for a breakout similar to that of walton! 👍

i jumped on the train at 4$ was watching it at 0.7$ LOL what a miss but still very good investment :) one of my fav coins

Great call I got in at 5.50 and this an awesome coin!

This is a great tech and they keep on boarding new partners daily! I am holding these coins too the moon!!! great post

Looks Interesting Project, Thanks for sharing bro

interesting post. Thank you for the information