What is the Future of BFG Token?

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BFG token, the symbol of our platform, successfully passes the test of time and finds a place in the hearts of many crypto enthusiasts daily. It has been available for Mining for over three years, and now only days are coming to announce the end of Mining. The BFG value will increase when the last token is mined on the platform. Let's prove it!

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About BFG

Name: BFG Token
Ticker: BFG
Price: $0.015
Chain: BSC(BEP-20)
Smart Contract address

BFG Results & Highlights

Let's move on to the most ambitious - the results of several hard work years. There are 5 000 000 000 BFG in supply, and Betfurians have mined almost all 5 billion BFG. The total number of BFG token holders has crossed the mark 66 000! In addition, the number of staked tokens is about 3 250 805 370 BFG, and over 3 370 311 520 BFG are in circulation!

As you know, our team also conducts BFG Burning every month, and up to this point, their number has converged to 43. After all Burnings, the total number of BFG tokens that have encountered profitable fire is
1 633 702 075 BFG.

The End of Mining – the Rise of BFG

Mining was presented as the key feature of BetFury – the unique solution for obtaining BFG tokens just for playing on BetFury. You automatically get BFG tokens by placing bets in all In-house games and Slots. However, the Mining era will be over soon. It marks the beginning of a new period – the race for BFG! So let's find out the fate of the token. The potential of BFG is certainly high because it is a unique token with cool utilities. It is difficult to predict the future in the volatile world of cryptocurrencies, but some facts undoubtedly indicate a positive outcome and an increase in the token's value:

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🧯 Volume Reduction

Processes such as monthly BFG Burning make the token more exclusive. Realizing that you own a limited resource creates a sense of importance and raises the currency's popularity. It, in turn, directly affects the growth in the token's price.

🧨 Platform’s Fame & Grand Events

Major themed events, new features, and updates create a special atmosphere inside BetFury. This wave is rocking the popularity boat of the platform and, with it, our native token.

There will be many such events in our Roadmap this year, so it is easy to assume that the token's value will also increase for this reason.

🥂 Partnerships & Collabs

Our team has already established close contacts with well-known crypto platforms. We continue to move in this direction because each new collaboration is a great boost for BFG. For example, we closely cooperate with Biswap, BabySwap, Hotbit, Nabox Wallet, CC Tip, etc. Plus, the BFG listing on top exchanges attracts much more investors. Consequently, interest increases, and behind it, the currency's value.

BFG Utilities

The main attribute of BFG is its versatility and the presence of many utilities. Therefore, it attracts crypto investors based on their preferences and people wanting everything simultaneously. Let's review all the BFG utilities and notice their benefits.

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Staking is one of the best ways to earn passive income in crypto. On BetFury, you only need 100 BFG to earn daily interest from the Staking pool! The Annual Percentage Yield, in this case, can reach 50%! You receive Staking rewards in BFG or the top five currencies (USDT, ETH, BTC, BNB, and TRX). Take your pick, but it makes more sense to choose BFG because then the Staking payouts will be higher.

So, BetFury Staking is one of the most profitable ways to use the BFG token. Besides, Staking will soon be even more convenient due to the Staking page updating.


Every crypto enthusiast sees it as a goal to understand trading processes.

Thus, use your trading skills and luck to withdraw a lot of crypto!


This utility is a reminder that BFG is a token for the game universe. Our platform has over 5 000 iGaming entertainments where you can earn money. Go to the categories of In-house games, Slots, Live, and Table games to feel the atmosphere of excitement and multiply your BFG balance. As Mr. Fury used to say: "You play – we pay"!

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Bonuses & Giveaways

BFG can be obtained by showing activity. You can get cool platform Bonuses like Deposit Bonuses, Free Spins or win free BFG on our social networks. Join all themed Giveaways and catch Promo Codes to get the reward. Subscribe to BetFury social networks to follow all free distributions of BFG tokens:
🕊️ Twitter 💬 Telegram Chat ✈️ Telegram Official Channel
🍸 VIP Club 👾 Discord 💽 YouTube 🎵 TikTok 💯 Reddit

In addition, you can participate in Giveaways and various Trading Competitions on the side of our dear partners, such as BabySwap, Latoken, and others.

BFG will continue to gain momentum, even after the end of Mining. Stay tuned and keep playing, trading, and staking the token.

P.S. Soon, you'll be able to do what you have been asking for and waiting for so long on the platform. Follow all the platform updates and check out informative crypto-related news.

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