New Egyptian In-house Slot – Fury Pharaoh

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Myriad treasures are stored under the scorching Egyptian sun. Practice ancient magic under the guidance of Fury, who has reincarnated as the pharaoh! Together with him, it's easy to get into the most protected pyramids and underground labyrinths. But everything will still depend on your luck and desire to obtain crypto gems.

Play the NEW Fury Pharaoh Slot. Legends say it brings the players experience and knowledge of previous pharaohs! Use the exclusive Bonus Buy Feature to find more gems and fill your wallet with cryptocurrency!

About Fury Pharaoh Slot

After Fury Wild, all the fans froze, expecting another masterpiece. It happened because Fury Pharaoh is the second In-House Slot from the BetFury team.

The new Slot has three reels, five pay lines, and symbols that activate the Bonus Game. The RTP of the Slot is 96.20%, and the multiplier reaches x999. The minimum bet (as in other In-house games) is 0.00000001 in any currency, and the maximum depends on your Rank: up to Rank 10 – $100, VIP above Rank 10 – $250.

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How to Win?

  • Choose the currency (BFG, BTC, ETH, USDT, etc.)
  • Customize the perfect gameplay using Game Modes
  • Buy the Bonus Game (at your preference)
  • Click the “Bet” button and wait for your rewards

Bonus Game

The Bonus Game is triggered when one Fury Pharaoh symbol appears on each reel. Then, three cells, filled with numbers, appear on the pop-up. They determine the multiplier of your round. As mentioned earlier, it is in the range of 1x – 999x.

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Buy Bonus Feature

If you don't want to wait for three Bonus symbols to appear, use Bonus Buy Feature to purchase the Bonus Game! The Bonus game price is 80x your bet. For example, with the bet of 10 BFG, you purchase it for 800 BFG. If you do not have enough funds in your Wallet or have an active Bonus in the Bonus Cabinet, the "Buy Bonus" button is unavailable.

Game Modes

  • Autobet
    Let Autobet take the lead if you have your own strategy and desire to win quickly.
  • Fast Mode
    You can skip animation during the gameplay to save time for wins.
  • Hotkeys
    Hotkeys make your gaming easier just with a few tabs on your keyboard.
  • Animation On/Off
    Turn off the lights and other animation effects for concentration.
  • Sound Effects
    Control background music and effect sounds for the best atmosphere.

About Early Access for VIPs

VIP users will be the first to play the Fury Pharaoh! This pre-release is a special surprise for our loyal VIP Club members. If you're not a member yet, it's time to play more, carve out a VIP place in the sun, and earn amazing perks!

The game release date for all users – is July 3. While you wait, increase your BFG wallet balance to buy the exclusive Bonus Game immediately.

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