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There's a grain of profit in every joke! Especially when a huge community of fans is behind it, led by Elon Musk. That's right, it's about DOGE! BetFury adds the Dogeсhain network and the younger brother of DOGE – the unique DC token. Let's look at their features and move from jokes to more serious things.

About Dogeсhain Network

Dogeсhain is an Ether Virtual Machine (EVM) network that acts as the smart contract layer for Dogecoin. It was created by a community of enthusiasts who wanted their favorite memecoin to go beyond just payment crypto.

The connection between DOGE and Dogeсhain opens up a wide world of utilities. Due to smart contracts, the network makes DOGE a full-fledged DeFi coin with all the available bells and whistles: high APR, NFTs, dApps, liquidity mining, etc. Dubbed "The Chain of Memes and Dreams", Dogeсhain provides users with an excellent platform for developing Web3 and the memeconomy.

How does Dogeсhain work?

The network uses wrapped Dogecoin (wDOGE) as the gas for all transactions: token transfers, trading, NFT creation, or general interaction. To start using Dogeсhain, follow these steps:

  • Visit this official webpage.
  • Connect your Metamask wallet to the Dogeсhain network.
  • Expand the address and send DOGE to the address provided by the bridge.
  • Send DOGE to receive wDOGE.

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What is the DC token?

In addition to wDOGE, Dogeсhain uses a second token – DC. It's not from the DC Universe, but it also does wonders! The token is required to manage Dogeсhain, as well as to incentivize validators and secure the network. The main goal of DC is to empower the community and projects that provide additional utility to Dogecoin. You can get DC tokens by buying them on CEX (Kucoin,, etc.) or by connecting DOGE to the main network of Dogeсhain to exchange on DEX.

The DC token can only be used as an asset on the market. However, by being tied to the vote escrow model (with vote escrow DC – veDC), it gets two main use cases in the ecosystem:

  • Staking in the PoS consensus model.
  • Management and the right to vote in various decision-making procedures.

Once users lock their $DC tokens in the veDC model, they will receive veDC tokens in proportion to the length of the lock time. The longer they lock, the more veDC they get. Therefore, long-term support provides higher staking rewards or more governance power.

Dogeсhain & DC on BetFury

We have great news for DC owners and DOGE fans. The BetFury x Dogeсhain partnership opens up the vast iGaming world for DC. Play In-house games and over 8 000 Slots, bet on Sports, and earn even more DC tokens!

DC Holders Monthly Rewards

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The special DC Holders Monthly Rewards event has been launched to honor the partnership. Each Betfurian with more than 100 000 DC on the BetFury balance will receive Free Spins every month! The amount of Free Spins will be a surprise for you… The duration of the promotion is 3 months. Fill your wallets with DC tokens and enjoy amazing rewards from the BetFury team!

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