How to Learn Crypto in One Day?

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How long does it take to learn and earn crypto? Many novelties and unique features constantly appear, so learning everything is impossible. However, Fury is confident it will only take a day to sort out the crypto basics. Thus, we invite you to a 12-hour tour of the world of cryptocurrencies. You can spend the rest of the day practicing. Set a timer, and let's start!

Hour 1: Cryptocurrency

Crypto is a digital currency. The first cryptocurrency was Bitcoin, invented by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. After a decade, investors saw cryptocurrency's potential and began earning much money. To form the right opinion about crypto, we suggest you read about Top Crypto Myths Debunked.

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Hour 2: Blockchain

Crypto uses Blockchain technology – a certain chain of blocks. It contains all transaction records that cannot be changed or deleted. Since this system is decentralized, it differs from the banking system in improved functionality and security. Blockchains or decentralized applications are built on top of Networks. For example, Binance launched Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which allows you to run various dApps, DeFi, and transfer cryptocurrency with a small fee in BNB.

Since this topic is fairly complex, you can return to it after other basic concepts. In the meantime, pour some coffee or tea to move on in a relaxed way!

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Hour 3: Bitcoin & Altcoins

Bitcoin is the father of all cryptocurrencies, and Altcoins are its children. The first alternative currency after BTC was Namecoin. Then the crypto tree was divided into Stablecoins (for example, USDT or BUSD associated with the dollar), Meme Coins (created from jokes), Utility tokens, etc. If you love memes, read more about Meme Coins. Spin a Fury Wheel and win free crypto up to 1 BTC!

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Hour 4: Coins, Tokens & NFT

Altcoins are divided into coins and tokens. Check out the article Types of Crypto to see how they differ. The main idea is that Coins are often a means of payment, and Tokens have many possibilities and are volatile. NFTs are non-fungible tokens that burst into the crypto world with a loud statement to become a substitute for art. If NFT is your passion, you might like another article: Is NFT the Future of Art?

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Hours 5-6: Crypto Wallets

Back from entertainment to technology. You have a cryptocurrency with which you can do amazing things, but it needs to be stored somewhere. A patrol with Crypto Wallets comes to the rescue. There are Cold (Paper, Hardware) and Hot (Desktop, Mobile, Web). Cold Wallets are safer than Hot, but many people use only Hot because they are more convenient and work online.

For example, MetaMask – is one of the most popular Wallets. You can store BFG tokens in MetaMask, send them using the BSC network, and not worry about security. Find out How to Add BFG to Crypto Wallet?

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Hour 7: Trading & Analytics

Trading is the main type of buying/selling cryptocurrency on exchanges like Binance. If you have crypto in your Wallet, you transfer it to the exchange, make a transaction and receive another currency. Analytical platforms that display statistics, prices, forecasts, and more will help you figure out profitable deals and earnings.

Platforms should be verified. Unofficial sources may lead you to platforms where scammers operate.

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Hour 8: BFG Token

BFG is BetFury's internal token on the BSC Network. It is a Utility token because it has many features to use. The number of currency holders has crossed the 50 000 mark, and there are now more than 3 000 000 000 BFG in circulation. Therefore, BFG has become a token with strong potential. Read more about the Future of BFG Token.

Hour 9: Mining & Staking

Mining is the addition of new blocks to the Blockchain. Staking is a way of passive income when you receive cryptocurrency for holding your assets. Let's take BFG as an example. BetFury users played and mined BFG till the total supply of tokens reached 5 billion. Then Mining ended, and BFG became a limited resource.

Staking is the most powerful BFG Utility: You hold more than 100 BFG and get income in BTC, ETH, TRX, BNB, and USDT with up to 50% APY. Click HERE and see why it’s profitable.

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Hours 10-11: iGaming & Sports Betting

iGaming is another cool Utility of the BFG token. Games and cryptocurrencies have been great friends since the first online casinos and Metaverses. iGaming is an integral part of BetFury because we have 18 In-house games and over 8 000 Slots from top providers. Sports Betting is another BetFury universe. You will like it if you are a soccer, tennis, or horse racing fan. All bets, as in BetFury Casino, are accepted in cryptocurrency, so this is another way to earn more money on your favorite pastime.

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Hour 12: Giveaways, Rains & Coindrops

You can get cryptocurrency for free. Most importantly, know where! BFG tokens, Free Spins, Promo Codes, and other bonuses are constantly drawn on BetFury social networks:
🕊️ Twitter 💬 Telegram Chat ✈️ Telegram Official Channel
🍸 VIP Club 👾 Discord 💽 YouTube 🎵 TikTok 💯 Reddit

Everyone can catch Crypto Rain and Coindrops in the Internal chat and join other profitable activities. Free cheese is in a mousetrap – free crypto is on BetFury!

Woohoo! 12 hours have flown by. There’s still half a day ahead, but what to learn further? Go to the BetFury News and read useful and interesting articles about cryptocurrency and iGaming, various events, and the BFG token. Practicing the theory is important, so sign up on BetFury and get a Welcome Pack with up to 1 000 Free Spins and $3 500.

Go to the All Games section and try your luck. Open Free Crypto Boxes, get FunFury tokens, and join various Battles!

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