How to Earn Crypto in Web3?

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An invisible mechanism moves the clock of the Universe, and everything changes. The classical Internet appeared recently, but new technologies are trying to displace it. But this is good because the full potential of the new creation - Web3, will reveal to us! So let's find out why this is the future technology and how easy it is to make money in Web3.

What is Web3?

Web3 is a concept for a new Web iteration built on blockchain technology where users have more control over their data, identity, and assets. In simple terms, it's a new decentralized World Wide Web. Unlike Web 2.0, where most of the power is in the hands of a few technology giants, Web3 is designed to be more democratic and transparent.

Let's compare the new technology with the existing one and highlight several things different from the usual Internet system.

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Web3 versus Web2

💎 Paying for content

On classic Web2 sites, promotion occurs due to users who visit the page, watch ads and bring income to its owner. For example, if the author automatically receives one dollar for every 1 000 views of a video on YouTube, then the company earns more than $1 000 for the same views! On the other hand, Web3 sites allow users to create their content together, and (attention!) everyone who had a hand in creating it receives income. This builds the perfect relationship and provides more opportunities for enthusiasts to make easy money.

📂 Safety

The classic Internet has a lot of dead pages and viral sites, downloading content from which you can earn many systemic problems. Web3 uses an enhanced level of security. Firstly, not every fraudster can easily create a website on Web3. Secondly, Web3 doesn't use IP/URL addresses. Finally, AI always monitors crypto sites in detail for fraud, etc.

🌐 Loading speed

The duration of loading content in Web3 has been decreased many times due to the disabling of advertising and unnecessary plug-ins. Indeed, the new decentralized browsers have ad blockers that hide annoying ads from your eyes. Therefore, the time for a normal download will take much less.

How to earn in Web3?

Let’s move to the cherry on our decentralized cake. Unique content and the imagination fly of each user are important for the new system. You can easily make money by doing what you want and promoting it. It remains only to find out what types of entertainment can lead you to a high income in Web3.

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💽 NFTs & Digital Collectibles

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have taken the digital world by storm and offer a unique opportunity to earn money in Web3.

Artists, musicians, and creators can sell their digital creations as NFTs, providing proof of ownership and authenticity. In addition, digital collectibles such as Axie Infinity have also become popular, with some gamers earning thousands of dollars.

🎮 Web3 Games

Web3 games are entertainment built on blockchain technology, making it more decentralized and secure. In addition, these games often have their native tokens that players can earn by playing or trading. For example, the game Decentraland allows players to own and trade virtual real estate. Read the article to learn about Earn-to-Play games more.

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📝 Content & Monetization

Web3 provides a decentralized system for content creators to publish their work and earn money without relying on centralized platforms such as YouTube or Instagram. Instead, decentralized platforms such as LBRY and BitTube allow users to monetize their content using cryptocurrencies.

💰 Decentralized Finance

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is a system of financial applications built on blockchain technology. DeFi applications provide users with financial services such as lending, borrowing, and trading, without the need for intermediaries such as banks. Users can earn money by providing liquidity to DeFi protocols, earning them interest or trading fees.

In conclusion, Web3 offers exciting opportunities for users to earn money in a decentralized and democratic way. Whether through NFTs, Web3 games, content creation, or DeFi, there are many ways to get involved and earn money in this new era of the internet. As you can see, this technology is already surpassing Web2 in terms of its potential, and soon it will take the leading position for many decades. Besides, Web3 evolves, so we can expect even more innovative ways to make money!

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