How to Add BFG to Crypto Wallets?

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BetFury is flourishing as our huge garden of partnerships. It's time to sort through those of them that relate to the storage of BFG tokens. Let's look at all the Crypto Wallets that support BFG and refresh our memory on adding cryptocurrency there.

About Crypto Wallets

Many well-known platforms help securely store crypto. They release Wallets, giving them different functions and trying to create the perfect one. According to the types of Wallets, there are Cold (Paper, Hardware) and Hot (Desktop, Mobile, Web). Read the article to understand their main differences. Besides, we can talk about custodial and non-custodial Wallets: the first means that a third party takes custody of the private key instead of you; the second means that you hold your private key and funds.

How to Add Token & Network?

Before we directly analyze the various platforms, let's write down all the information about adding BFG to crypto Wallets. First, you need to connect Binance Smart Chain, and then enter data about the token to add. Therefore, let's write out all the necessary information for this.

How to Add Binance Smart Chain to Wallet?

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How to Add BFG Token to Wallet?

  • Name: BFG Token
  • Ticker: BFG
  • Address: 0xbb46693ebbea1ac2070e59b4d043b47e2e095f86
  • Smart Contract address

Choose the Perfect Crypto Wallet

In total, ten famous Crypto Wallets support the BFG token: MetaMask, Binance Wallet, TrustWallet, Coin98, CCTip, ONTO, Coinhub, Klever, iToken Wallet, and Nabox Wallet.


This cute fox is a world-famous non-custodial Wallet for storing any available cryptocurrency. Its advantages are simplicity, user-friendly design, and extensive possibilities of use. For example, you can easily swap BFG on the platform of our partner Biswap by connecting MetaMask. So, the first thing to do is download the app or browser extension from the official source!

Next, you should “Add Network” (Binance Smart Chain). You can see all the steps in the picture. After successfully adding the network, select "Add Token" and enter the BFG data. Hurray, you’ve done it!

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CCTIP Wallet is a custodial Wallet with a huge selection of networks. The company's technologies aim to become the link between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 in the future. Since CCWallet supports many blockchains on a single platform, it is an excellent choice for those trying to reduce high withdrawal fees. To add BFG to the CC Wallet, select "+”, enter BFG in the search box, and switch the mode to “On”.

завантаження - 2023-07-12T170757.692.png

Nabox Wallet

Nabox is a non-custodial Wallet created in 2021. It is distinguished from others due to its versatility and novelty. The BetFury x Nabox partnership was only recently formed, but it hasn't stopped Wallet from earning the trust of many Betfurians. In addition, it’s important to say that BFG is also available for trading directly on SwapBox (Nabox) with the liquidity of Pancake. The picture above shows you how to add BFG to Nabox Wallet.

iToken Wallet

iToken Wallet is the former Huobi Wallet with Innovative Multi-Chain Support. The nice bonus of iToken Wallet is the ability to analyze the token's characteristics directly in the Wallet: it contains information about the BFG price, trading volume, etc. As you can see, adding a BFG token is similar to other Wallets. They differ only in the interface, available networks, currencies, and functionality.

Other Wallets that Support BFG

Let's briefly check out the other six Wallets. Binance Chain Wallet and TrustWalet are excellent solutions for storing any available cryptocurrency, including BFG. Coin98 allows you to connect different wallets and exchanges to your Coin98 account, which makes it universal, but you must protect your data as much as possible. ONTO is a decentralized cross-chain wallet with an ONT ID function that protects your data and allows you to create multi-chain wallet addresses with one click. The friendly green hedgehog Coinhub provides a great Wallet for storing crypto and analyzing the market. Finally, Klever Wallet will secure your assets at the highest level, especially if you use the KleverSafe cold hardware wallet. All of them are excellent solutions for storing a BFG token. To add our crypto, use Fury’s step-by-step guide above.

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