Crypto Rush – Treasure Hunt for 50 000 000 BFG

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All BetFury mines have been closed because BFG Mining has ended. Fury went to a cryptocurrency mining zone to collect the remaining digital gold. However, the raccoon realized that he could not cope alone. Join the fantastic adventure of Crypto Rush and share the 50 000 000 BFG prize pool! Follow daily activities and fill your wallet with BFG tokens!

☀️ Crypto Rush starts on June 21

🌵 Sign up to get up to 1 000 Free Spins and $3 500

Crypto Rush is an amazing opportunity to get BFG after the end of Mining. The event is held on the platform from June 21 to July 6. Combat in thematic Battles and complete Regular and Treasure Hunt Tasks during this period. Collect as many Gold Tickets as possible to win the Grand Lottery!

⚔️ Battles for $450 000 + 60 000 FS

Get ready for three huge Battles with a prize pool of $150 000 + 20 000 FS for each. The duration of every competition is 5 days. Play In-house Games, Slots, and bet on Sports (with x3 wager) to climb up the Leaderboard. Daily Battles will be unavailable during the Crypto Rush.

🗓 Treasure Hunt

The Treasure Hunt is a calendar comprising three Treasure Hunt Points: Sports, Casino, and Deposit. Move from point to point and collect 1 Gold Ticket for any of them. Every new task will be opened at 12:00 UTC daily. The time to complete each is 72 hours. Less time is given for the last tasks of the Treasure Hunt, so everyone should give their best.

Casino and Sports tasks involve fulfilling goals such as wagering or total profit. Deposit Tasks consider making a certain deposit. Goals vary depending on your rank. ​​Our team has ensured that beginners feel comfortable even among more experienced competitors. Therefore, tune in to win and complete all the goals provided!

📝 Regular Tasks

  • Daily Check-in
    Visit the platform daily during the entire Crypto Rush and mark the visit with a tick in the field on the landing page. After collecting 5 ticks (any 5 days), you will receive 1 Gold Ticket. The maximum number of Gold Tickets reaches 3 (15 days). Access to the Daily Check-in is given to users with a total platform wager of $25.
  • Referral Race
    Refer 3 friends who will make the first deposit of more than $40 and wager x2. You will also receive 1 Gold Ticket as a reward. There is no binding to the time or event day. The maximum number of Gold Tickets for completing this task is 10.

💰 $100 000 Grand Lottery

It’s the grand final of the Crypto Rush. Join Grand Lottery and share $100 000! You should have as many Gold Tickets as possible to win it. Collect them in Treasure Hunt and Regular Tasks. If you are active all the time, the luck will smile to you!

💸 Crypto Rush Giveaways

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