Bonus Combats: iGaming PvP on BetFury

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Do you want to demonstrate skills and talent? Do you want to compete with other BetFurians for rewards? Prepare your gaming sword and crypto armor to become the champion of Bonus Combats – new epic competitions on BetFury! The winner will take the reward of every opponent. Do you want to be a winner?

➡️ Join Bonus Combats

What are Bonus Combats?

Bonus Combats are regular iGaming competitions with a new functionality on BetFury. You should hit the biggest win in the purchased Bonus Game to achieve the victory. Create Bonus Combats and invite your friends to find out who is the coolest! However, don’t rush because every warrior needs to study the battlefield. Thus, let’s check out the rules of Bonus Combats.

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How to win in Bonus Combats?

  • Create a Combat or join an existing one.
  • Play Slots and use the Bonus Buy feature to enter the Bonus Game. The price of is fixed and indicated for each specific Combat.
  • Your opponents do the same.
  • When the Bonus Game of every participant ends, the system chooses the winner.
  • If you hit the highest win among other participants, you receive your winning amount plus all opponents' rewards.

How to Create/Join Bonus Combats?

To get started, select the Bonus Combats tab from the left-side menu on the platform. Then you can "Create Combat" or "Join Combat" by clicking the required button.

When creating the Combat, you should fill in all the fields on the pop-up: in "Select Game" you enter the name of the Slot with Bonus Buy feature; in "Select Amount" you enter the price of the Bonus Game; in "Enter Participants" you limit the number of participants (from 2 to 50). By joining an existing Bonus Combat, you accept your opponent's conditions if they suit you.

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🫂 You can invite your friends and compete with them. To do this, select "Share Combat", copy the link, or send a message to BetFury Internal Chat.

About Time Limits

  • You cannot participate in several Bonus Combats at the same time.
  • During the Bonus Game, when you go to other BetFury pages, you will be redirected back to the competition.
  • After creating the Combat, users are given 5 minutes to join. The Combat is automatically canceled if no one has joined after the time expires.
  • Once Combat has started, you have 1 minute 30 seconds to buy the Slot Bonus Game. If you fail, you will be excluded from the competition.
  • In total, you’ve 10 minutes. You will be excluded from the Combat if you don’t finish the Bonus Game during this time. However, you can finish it in the standard mode.
  • The system will determine the winner when the last participant finishes the Bonus Game.

Bonus Combat Rewards

As mentioned earlier, the winner takes it all. After the victory, you receive your winnings in your currency. Then you can choose a form of opponents’ money:

  • In the currency they used
  • In BFG tokens (we will convert the amount and transfer it to your balance with a 3% Performance Fee)

🔒 While you are participating in the Bonus Combat, the balance of the currency you have chosen is temporarily blocked. If you have a Bonus balance in the specified currency, you cannot join Combat.

📖 All your epic victories will be recorded in the "History" tab. You can sort Bonus Combats and select Slots for easy searching. In addition, you can refresh the competition rules in your memory by clicking on the "How to play" button.

Join epic fights and create your own. Show your talent to others and become the king of Bonus Combats. Luck and competitive spirit will provide you with worthy rewards!

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