Best Crypto to Invest in 2023

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Trends in the crypto world are changing every year. How to choose the cryptocurrency to invest? What crypto can top the market in 2023? Let's pick out all the icing on the digital asset cake and determine which one to invest in.

What Affects the Investment Decision?

To choose crypto for investing, you should base it on some criteria. First, the currency potential comes from trends and a community's support. The last makes a certain springboard for upside crypto value growth. Creating well-known partnerships and holding large-scale events also influence this.

Secondly, this is the technical part, updates, security, and convenience. Since digital assets can be the target of hackers, you should only trust official sources and invest in time-tested currencies. We combined all these factors and created the top currencies to invest in 2023.

Top 5 Crypto to Invest in 2023

#5 BFG (BetFury Token)

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BFG is BetFury's native token which also has huge potential in 2023. Soon BFG Mining will end, meaning no more tokens can be generated. This means the currency's value will increase due to the limited amount. Since our team is constantly hosting large-scale events, the popularity of BFG is also rising among the wide community of crypto enthusiasts.

You can join the BFG race and get a piece of the unique cryptocurrency. Read about the future of BFG and find out the token's fate after Mining.

#4 AVAX (Avalanche)

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AVAX is a promising cryptocurrency offering fast and scalable transactions. The price of AVAX is currently around $14 per token. Avalanche has a limited supply of 720 million AVAX tokens and introduces various innovative features such as the Avalanche Bridge (seamless interaction between different blockchain networks, which increases overall liquidity).

Many analysts are betting that AVAX will rise in price due to good performance in previous years. For example, DigitalCoinPrice calculated that the price would exceed $50 in a year or two, which is quite optimistic.

Avalanche Network has been available on BetFury since March 2022. Therefore, you can trade AVAX on well-known exchanges and multiply assets by playing In-house games and Slots.

#3 XRP (Ripple)

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Ripple – a global payments network with a much faster, cheaper, and hassle-free way to exchange currencies. Its speed is 1 500 transactions per second! All these are due to proprietary "RippleNet" technology. According to Market Cap, XRP is in the top 10, and its price is currently around $0.5 per token.

Due to its speed and accessibility, the network attracts more and more investors and leaves a positive impression on the entire community. Soon, more people will choose no fees, making XRP one of the best.

The Ripple network x BetFury partnership was concluded in September 2021. Buy XRP in a crypto portfolio and go to the All Games page to earn more.

#2 ETH (Ethereum)

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As the second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, Ethereum has proven its worth as a decentralized platform for smart contracts and applications. After the legendary The Merge, Ethereum changed the consensus algorithm and became the greenest. Its price today is about $1 840.

In addition to the main utilities, investors' attention is also attracted by other opportunities for use, for example, in the NFT market. Many digital artworks are sold for Ether, making it a special currency.

ETH can be bought on exchanges and received as a reward for BetFury Staking because it was added to our platform almost from the beginning.

#1 BTC (Bitcoin)

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Bitcoin, the pioneer of cryptocurrencies, remains one of the top choices for investors looking for long-term growth. With its limited supply and growing institutional acceptance, BTC is still a solid investment option in 2023.

The price of BTC is about $26 500, although, at the beginning of the year, it was equal to $15 000. This significant increase stirred up the entire market and gave a new breath to the coin. Its price may make many investors who believe in BTC smile soon. Therefore, adding BTC to your crypto bag is most likely a great idea.

BTC can also be obtained as the BetFury Staking reward. In addition, BTC Free Box is available for users from the second Rank, which allows you to receive up to 0.00001012 BTC per day. You can also try your luck and spin the FuryWheel to win 1 BTC!

Here is a list of the best currencies for investment we have come up with. Of course, these tips are based on several facts and subjective opinions. Although, we will most likely agree that each of the cryptos discussed above is endowed with long-term prospects and the approval of a wide range of investors worldwide. Therefore, choose wisely, invest, and may 2023 be a successful year for you!

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