Three New Projects that Give You Crypto for Every Day Tasks

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When you think about growing your crypto portfolio, some of the things that come to mind may be Mining, Exchanges, or even ICO's. Each of these has well-known costs and risks to participate, be it hardware, electricity, or even buying with fiat or other cryptocurrency outright. You can also acquire crypto through airdrops, but the amount received is often negligible and many of these projects fail before you even receive the airdrop. There are now projects that offer a different way to receive cryptocurrency, by offering them as rewards for using their program or service. This post will provide an overview of ones I have found easy to use regularly, along with a meaningful reward.

Well created a wellness based mobile application that is offered in both the App Store and Google Play. The app itself tracks your daily activity and provides you rewards in the form of Well Coins (note, these are different from the Well Token offered in its ICO). You have a daily goal of 10,000 steps and whatever percent of that goal you reach, you receive that many Well Coins daily. For example, if you take 8,000 steps you receive 80 coins, and if you take 12,000 steps you receive 120. You are also able to synch devices to the app, providing rewards for weight, heart rate and other measurements. FitBit is not yet compatible, although that is currently being worked on by the team. Even if you only use the internal step counter, you are receiving free cryptocurrency every day, just for having your phone in your pocket while you walk. The coins cannot yet be withdrawn to an external wallet, however that feature is on the developers' to do list, as well as the ability to redeem coins for retail products. As this takes no effort beyond the initial set up, this is an app that everyone should download and register.

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You can use ClearPoll via a desktop or mobile device to create and vote on polls at no cost. You receive Rewards Points every time you vote on a featured poll and every time someone votes on a poll you have created. You can create up to 5 polls every day, so the time commitment is only a few minutes daily. Once a month, a payout is made in POLL tokens, based on what percentage of the overall rewards points you have earned during that period of time. You also can earn additional rewards points for holding POLL tokens (which provide a multiplier for everything you earn). While it only takes a few minutes each day, you need to put a bit of thought into what will cause people to vote on your poll. Political topics, current news, funny and off the wall polls all have the ability to trend. My first month, I received 108 POLL tokens, which was worth $15 in total, and there were multiple days that I missed creating 5 polls. You can also share polls as links (as shown below), or embed a javascript icon into a page that allows it.

Example Poll:

Everipedia is the new online encyclopedia that is bringing blockchain to Wikipedia. It also has a rewards mechanism built into it for creating and editing pages if that is of interest to you, and even for voting on content that is being created or edited by others. In order to earn the rewards, which are paid in IQ tokens, you will need an EOS wallet such as SimplEOS and also Scatter to sign Everipedia blockchain transactions with (detailed tutorial linked below). After you have set this up, you will see your EOS account linked into the Everipedia page. When you click on it, you can select IQ to buy IQ to stake, or you can select BRAIN to stake your IQ for BRAIN tokens. What is great about the process is that you never lose any of your tokens, after 3 weeks your tokens are returned to you so you can stake for more. For example, you can stake 100 IQ tokens for 100 additional BRAIN tokens every three weeks. You can then review the recent activity feed for any proposed edits, and stake BRAIN tokens to vote to approve or reject the edits. If you are on the winning side of the vote, you then receive rewards in the form of IQ tokens. While this one is a little more complicated to get set-up, it allows you to compound your tokens over time - IQ tokens get more BRAIN tokens which get more IQ tokens and so forth. In the end, all you are doing is logging in every three weeks to vote on edits and re-stake your tokens.

I hope you have enjoyed the overview into these three projects. Let me know if you have any questions about how I use these, or about how to get these set-up. Good luck with your Crypto Earnings!

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