Hack / Suppression update.

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Please note, Bata's main Twitter account was suspended without explanation about a year ago.

My accounts on Twitter are still being suppressed. Currently the same events of over a year ago are occurring. I cannot login into personal my backup account @SwifToshi & main account @CryptoOz as they both ask for mobile phone verification but Twitter says the phone number is in use.

Just to let you know large accounts on Twitter that have blocked my account/s due to not being able to accept the truth are:

plus many more & Craig Wright (FakeToshi) whilst active on twitter

I created another account today, within 5 mins Twitter locked me out. The only interactions I had on Twitter before the lock out was with the following accounts:

  1. @EntangleIT (Satoshi Fraud / BSV nutjob) - This account blocked @CryptoOz & other my accounts.
  2. @VVission (Bible basher / nutcase / Fraud / Bot like) This account blocked @CryptoOz & other my accounts.
  3. @TeamSatoshi (Deniers)

On another note..

My personal holding of Bata, a small amount have not been recovered / returned from Cryptopia, as I gather most have not.


I have not given up yet.

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