Dead Cat Bounce? Or Rally?

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Is Crypto dead?


I think not. I think it has a long ways to go and even if steem gets wiped off the map, I know that crypto will keep on chugging. Today we finally see a little green on the charts and I hope it stays though to December!


That is why it is important to keep a diverse portfolio not only of crypto but fiat and rare metals as well. I will say I have made most of my money in the DOW. I rode the 2016 wave almost perfectly, but I have since gone all in on crypto.

I see it as the future. Someone once said (I think it was @solominer) that this is the modern gold rush. I think he is right. Here is where the fortunes of the future begin. At the bottom. I just wish I had more powder to load the canons. But I will just accumulate little by little hoping to hit that wave again and this time ride it all the way to the moon!

Well to answer the question of the title I will say I don’t think we are at the bottom just yet but I know crypto is far from over.

I will end on a warning though... The last person to go against centralized banking system is now the most evil person to ever live according to modern history. And we all know that the atrocities he committed are no worse than those committed by any other world leaders in WWII, which are easily ignored in history class and the other murderers are hailed as heroes.

That being said, Crypto has some very powerful enemies but I think with systems like Steemit with daps it is unstoppable! Keep the Faith!

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Thanks for the mention, and yeah sounds like something I'd say. And I still feel just as bullish as ever. If mass adoption is the goal then no one has missed the boat yet in my opinion.

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We will get through it @balticbadger. tip for ya. Change your autovote for me to 14 minutes and you will get the cash my friend! At the moment your vote gets zero because it's immediately after I post. I have you on autovote at 15 minutes and I get some of your cash.

Fixed!! Thanks man!

Howdy sir badger! well sir I couldn't agree more. Too bad we don't have a hundred grand to invest to turn into multiple millions!

I know, right!! Dang

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