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This days, people decided to buy and sell online all over the world, people now come together from different countries just to do business together. Not only do people do business online but people are now keeping online digital assets. But how do they achieve this with different currencies from different countries? They make use of cryptocurrencies. Just as we have shops, malls and market in our various community where trading is done face to face, it’s the same way we have various online platform where trading is done using cryptocurrency as token.

Now the online trading volume is increasing drastically day by day, In the crypto world, we now have different organizations that manage investors assets, cryptocurrencies, trades and exchanges, Meanwhile, it would have been better if the organizations managing these trades and exchanges are also expanding the same way the trade volume is increasing. Unfortunately, it is not so, these organizations are choked up due to the increase in trading volume. This poses many problems which must be attended to. Now the good news is that its time for revolution. Follow me lets discuss CASPIAN

Existing Problems
Over the years, investors have been facing different kinds of problem due to the imbalance existing between the digital market trade volume and digital asset exchanges.

1. Problem of Trade Execution
Investors are facing different kinds of challenges with trade execution in the crypto market. There is problem of liquidity and slippage which is caused by the current fragmentation of the digital asset exchanges and their relatively low volume of trade compared to the traditional market. This in turn cause increase in the cost of trading for traders.

There is also delay in trade execution in the crypto market due to the fact that some of the existing digital asset exchanges today started on a very small scale, meanwhile, the trade volume is increasing and getting bigger to the extent that these exchanges can no more handle the quantity of trade volumes.

In addition to delay in trade execution, investors got frustrated at times because they are locked out of exchanges just because these exchanges can not handle the trading volume.

2. Problem of Security
Investors are fully aware of the common saying that “ anything connected to the internet can be hacked “ This statement has been proved to be true over the years due to hacks and security breaches that has occurred within the digital asset exchanges. Compared to the traditional market, these existing digital assets exchanges are not able to provide customers with proper support, protection, security and risk management just because of the fragmentation of crypto markets.

3. Problem of compliance and regulation
In the crypto market and digital fund management, there is a great requirement for strong compliance procedure. Unfortunately this has been so difficult and almost impossible due to the fragmentation that exist within the digital asset exchanges. Now, information that would be very helpful to investors are not available. It has now become the responsibility of individual investors to provide solutions to this problem by themselves. At times, it’s the market participant that will be responsible for keeping records of their funds and investment on another platform entirely which is not suppose to be. All this problems exist just because there is fragmentation within the digital asset exchanges.

CASPIAN The Solution.



Caspian is a joint venture between two firms in the name of Tora and kenetic. These two firms have been well know for their successful records in digital asset management and crypto handling.

Caspian is a platform which has been designed to solve problems faced by digital assets investors and users when trying to access their assets and cryptocurrencies jumping from one exchange to the other with different user interphase. CASPIAN is going to achieve this by providing a single interphase where investors can easily interact with the entire crypto world which is totally user friendly.

CASPIAN is going to provide interaccessibility and general connectivity across all fragmented digital asset exchange. With CASPIAN, the participation of both institutional and experienced investors will grow more in the digital asset market. CASPIAN is going to provide investors with OEMS, RMS and PMS, in addition to this, investors will be given a comprehensive customer support.

Meanwhile, Caspian is not created to disperse the existing digital asset exchanges or to create a form of competition. The main purpose of CASPIAN is to build an ecosystem where there will be reliability in the obtainment of digital asset tools. This in turn will bring about liquidity, flexibility and volume.

Benefits of CASPIAN

The benefits of CASPIAN has been simply grouped into three categories with respect to the existing problem that is being faced in the crypto market and trading.

1. Easy Trade Execution
Caspian will provide users with the ability to access the entire financial tools used by every exchanges at once. Now users can use Caspian to get through to all the existing digital asset exchanges and their services just on a single platform.

Caspian will use OEMS to provide users with a unified control center which has been optimized for fast trading. This is going to serve as the main junction where asset managers and traders can come together.

In addition to this, Caspian will use the smart order router (SOR) which will help users to see the entire exchange as a single unit where assets can be easily converted into cash. Caspian will also be build upon Toras and Kenetics algorithm in order for all this to work out. Other things attached to make this reliable execution work is the user built strategies and self alert systems.

2. Position and Risk management
Caspian will provide users with the ability to monitor and keep detailed records of there positions, P & L’s as well as there exposure. This is going to be achievable by combining Caspian’s PMS and RMS. When this is done, there will be solution to the problem of reconciliation and rebalancing.

3. Compliance and Regulation
Caspian has been deigned with various in built compliance feature which will provide users with a set of self defined rules and limits which will cover for the process of pre-trade and post-trade. The pre-trade process is grouped into three as mentioned below;

  1. The warning limit which can be overridden by the user
  2. The Approval limit which requires supervisors approval
  3. The Absolute limit which can not be overridden.
    The post trade process involves alert monitoring and reporting which is either done immediately or based on schedule.

CASPIAN ‘s Technical Summary

1. Architecture

2. Performance
Based on study, Caspian will specifically handle 50000 orders and 400000 execution by one user in a day. This will be about 2500

3. Scalability
Caspian has provided a distinct platform for individual users .
4. Reliability
This is the main purpose for which Caspian has been built and that is the reason for using the Tora’s system for it. This has been made achievable by incorporating the functions below.

  1. Fault tolerance and high availability
  2. Load balancing
  3. Business continuity plan
  4. Appropriate tools and processes.

5. Security
Security is one of the crucial and paramount thing that must be considered when dealing with digital asset and cryptocurrencies. This is very important due to recent theft, hacks and security breaches that has been reported recently. In order for Caspian to ensure maximum security, some features has been incorporated into their system as mentioned below;

  1. Encrypted Connection over the internet
  2. Trusted IP Addresses
  3. Password Complexity
  4. Admin access restriction.


Now you can manage your assets and involve yourself in digital market trading without looking over your shoulders. It is now one Caspian and all of crypto.

The Roadmap

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