IAGON: Safe in the Clouds

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Iagon is a decentralised processing and storage platform that takes satisfies the processing and storage needs of customers by combining the power of multiple smart devices and creating one big cloud unit of endless processing and storage capabilities.

Iagon will be using tools like machine learning (ML) and blockchain and tangle to achieve effective distribution of processing and storage jobs.

Smart Computing Grid and AI Tracker Technology



To achieve a cloud computing ecosystem, IAGON uses a smart computer grid and AI tracker technology to ensure the effective distribution of power and storage.
The smart computing grid is somewhat like a power grid in the sense that it is a network of interconnection of customers with multiple computer resources, the providers and the tokens distributed. It governs the transfer of un-used resources to customers that request at the time.
The AI- Tracker is the brain behind the Smart Computational Grid, it is like the micro-processor but it is dynamic and continuously analyzes past and current state of the system and the proccessing and storage capacities of miners. It dynamically allocates the spliced data gotten from the SHA-256 protocol to designated storage spaces for the optimal performance of the platform.

Source: Whitepaper


Iagon will be giving users a chance to monetize their resources being used on the platform. Iagon Tokens will be granted to users that allow their devices to be used and also customers that wish to employ the the use of devices on the platform will buy tokens. The price for every device or service is decided by machine leaning algorithms or AI programs resident on the smart computational Grid.

Cost efficiency

With IAGON, companies ;large or small don't have to worry about cost when it comes to processing or storing large amounts of data. For example, most companines like google or facebook have to spend huge amounts of money to buy servers to meet their processing and storage needs and this is not really noticeable since they make a whole lot of money, it doesn't really show that they could profit a whole lot more if they spend less on these servers. For smaller companies , trying to compete with the big wigs . meeting those processing and storage needs can be so expensive and they end up getting discouraged so as not overstep their boundaries.
WIth Iagon's decentralized blockchain-based platform , there is less monopolistc tendencies as different storage devices are competing for the market and the bidding price is dcecided by a machine learning (ML) and A.I algorithms.
By using IAGON, companies can get to achieve a whole lot at a very reduced cost therby maximizing cost and improving profit. Small or big, companies get a better chance at expanding using Iagon.


IAGON will be using the Secure lake architecture based on the Blockchain's unbreakable encryption technology, on file slicing and storage of small, anonymous and strongly encrypted pieces of the the original file. This technology is very effective in the sense that no one person can have access to unauthorized information except the creator of the information so in the case of an hack, the inruders will just be in a sea of data that don't make no sense.


For more information on IAGON: check IAGON's Website


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