BandZ Network: Providing wider and reliable bandwidth on the internet with the blockchain

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Introduction to BANDZ

BandZ is a word derived from the word “bandwidth”

Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transmitted within a fixed amount of time, that is to say to say the amount of bits which is like the S.I unit for data that can transmitted per time which is usually in seconds. That is why bandwidth is measured in bits per second.
With high demand for internet services globally, maintaining a network with a bandwidth that can satisfy the internet demand of the populace is a challenge. Due to the high amount of resources required to meet these needs and of course , monopolistic tendencies of the internet service providers. Good and reliable internet bandwidth proves very costly for consumers.

What the bandZ team is proposing is a decentralized internetwork in the sense that consumers have access to a large database of service providers who are willing to give good bandwidth with no unnecessary third party charges. It will be based on the blockChain technology where Consumers and providers perform transactions using smart contracts.

Internet Access
As we discussed earlier, in this present generation the demand for bandwidth has greatly increased and this growing demand has presented some difficulties to customers and service providers.

For Customers: Access to internet is dependent on location, Roaming fees can be a b?&$* , buying a simcard in a foreign country can prove to be stressful, privacy can be an issue on some service providers and also integrity of data is a big deal for customers.

For Providers: Establishing itself in a location is dependent on if the place is profitable or not and this means a lot of unreached customers which in turn means less profit, creating better bandwidth services is possible but pulls a very high expense and also many providers have scalability issues, if the bandwidth demand on a network becomes more than it can give , it will crash.


Since the Transactions are based on the blockchain, it makes payment for services more secure and interactive. Customers get to inspect their provider’s reputation and price before initiating a transaction.

The BandZ aims to implement four different blockChain Solutions like the Ethereum, HyperLedger, Cardano and Aeternity. The network is currently based on the Aeternity protocol which is based on Ethereum and allows fo automated execution of smart contracts with the capability of off-chain micro –payments.

The BandZ will be providing access to the following resources:

Peer-to-peer (P2P) File Transfer Systems

Most of the data transmission that occurs on the internet is P2P but it is has performace issues in that customers don’t usually get what they want or they get more than they asked for. BandZ uses a helper algorithm to balance the system by automatically alerting users with excess resources to help out those with lesser resources.

Rotating proxies and Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Rotating proxies is a service that grants a user a different IP address every time the access a network and this reduces the chances of traffic monitoring and redirection. Unlike the VPN, which provides a list of IPs peculiar to the network , Rotating proxy randomizes IP address assignment.

VPN has become a household name In the tech. industry with a market cap of over $1 billion US dollars and an expected increase to about $106 billion USD by 2022.
VPN is a secure pipeline between two or more devices where data transmission takes place without the threats of snooping, interference and censorship and it could also be shared to the public to send or receive data as if they are directly connected to the private network. It makes use of key or unique IDs and so on for authentication. When in a foreign country, Customers can bypass Geo-restrictions and censorship in certain countries.

BandZ is providing a decentralized VPN system which means that any Tom, dick and harry can set-up or join a VPN on demand. It does not use just any VPN protocol to achieve this. All data traffic will be routed through the Bandz node tunnel on the BandZ network.

The protocols use to achieve ease of access function are the
Sock5 and HTTP proxy tunnels, VPN wit rotating proxies are also used, IPTables and the likes are used to route traffic through the BandZ node tunnel on the network which is setup on the BandZ router. Kernel Hooks are also used to govern connection and sending operations especially with the sock5.
Mesh Networks
This is a service provided by the BandZ that allows the users in what would be network restricted areas to gain access to the internet. It is a network that consists of devices like phones and PCs connected to each others WiFi to boost accessibility to areas around every device connect to the mesh network. So the device doesn’t need to be close to the vicinity of the service provider with the Mesh network service on the Bandz Network, Customers with low infrastructure can accesss good bandwith and providers can expand their User base to more Customers, hence more profit for the Service providers.

Bandwidth Monetization

Transaction on the BandZ network will be carried out using BandZ tokens. The price of token is predetermined by the BandZ community and the value placed on bandwidth services. BandZ is incentivizing network usage by rewarding participation by Users (Customers or Service Providers). Every event from participating in the mesh network to helping in stabilizing the P2P file transfer system is rewarded.
BandZ provides a secure bandwidth marketplace with less intermediary fees and high liquidity. With the wider array of service providers and the ability of Users to sell their bandwidth internationally , monopolistic tendencies are reduced and so also network access charges.

BandZ Software Development Kit (SDKs)

This kit equips service providers with tools needed to optimize their service model and build a more reliable bandwidth service. This tools are made by other existing service providers and can be accessed by other users via Token payments.
This kit allows Providers to easily upgrade their service software and improve cost efficiency.

Use Case
Take for example , D'onofrio an italian civilian servant wants to travel to Benin in Nigeria.
But Benin or Nigeria do not use the same service providers as italy. Ideally, D'onofrio has to buy a sim card and set up his device and all that.
With Bandz, All D'onofrio needs is to connect to the nearest VPN on his BandZ Network and he can have good internet service.


At the inception of the internet, it was all about intelligence and information gathering but now in present times , it has become a place of value. Especially with the advent of the blockchain technology, Sharing of data and resources is encourage so the possession of information has become less centralized.

The BandZ Network is offering a far better internet service with the support of the blockchain providing a Global Extranet Service. BandZ allows individual or organization with internet access to be their own intranet and allows them to create extranet service that allows external access to their network for a specified amount of tokens of course.
BandZ is empowering customers with the ability to create more wealth and also cheaper access to higher bandwith. It is also empowering providers with the ability to expand their customer reach, upgrade their business model and improve cost effectiveness.

The Team

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