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(All ideas discussed in this article will be updated through more articles to ensure readers are kept up to date with our project)

Unlike many projects, we do not pretend to revolutionise the crypto space, French or International. Through our vision and infrastructure, we want to ease the research of information, exchange of ideas, but also facilitate investments in projects by the validation of those by the FD Reserve label.

THE 4 ADVANTAGES OF FDR (French Digital Reserve)


FD Tradex will be an information and decentralised exchange platform, where FDR and FDC will be the main trading pairs to invest in FrenchTech and FinTech projects.

Unlike many current platforms, FD Tradex will focus on 3 points:

-It will be used to study and validate projects through strict criteria.

-It will offer mainly projects base on the STO (Security Token Offering) model, as we strongly believe STO will represent a big market share as of next year (2019).

-It will also be used as a crowd funding platform for STO projects. As a consequence, ICO or other non-regulated funding (pre-sales) will be avoided.

All projects present on our platform will have the benefit and support of our eco system in regards of logistic, infrastructure and marketing.


-FD Network: A platform of monitoring and information and also reviews of projects linked to blockchain technologies. Reviews will include AMA (Ask Me Anything), white paper in-depth analysis, website and tokenomic report. We want to ensure that users can make an informal decision on any projects.

-FD Market: A marketplace for products and services where FD Credits will be used as currency. Services will include content writer, graphic designers, community managers and more. Members will also be able to buy a wide variety of products.

-We will add more services like mining pool, masternode hosting to complete the ecosystem and to take full benefit of FD Reserve and FD Credit.

All these elements will create an attractive and innovative economy, where the option to add modules according to the market demand will be made available. Our ecosystem will be constantly evolving to adapt to blockchain technologies and masternodes sector.


-Evolutive collateral

Unlike most masternode projects, our collateral adapts according to the supply. This means that as coins are created, based on our pre-define model, our collateral increases to reduce inflation and accessibility to build a masternode. This will create rarity for FDR masternode.

In our structure, the collateral will go from 10K to 30K, with 2 middle stages of 20K and 25K. This offers an evolution adapted to the creation of new coins.

The 20K stage will happen at block 43201, one month after the genesis block. From there, the next collateral of 25K will be at block 302401, 6 months later to make the masternode collateral much harder to reach. Lastly, the last collateral of 30K is at block 561601, 6 months after the 25K one, matching a low supply to make our masternode a rarity.

-Realistic rewards

Following our hard fork, we have reviewed our reward structure to the low side to avoid a dump when being listed on exchanges. We have made our calculations based on an average of 150 Masternodes on the network, which means a ROI no higher than 100% and between 10% and 20% on the long term.

We want to focus on the price itself rather than a very high ROI, which can create depreciation of the asset.

FDR is meant to be a saving asset, so a stable and long-term ROI, far away from unrealistic ROI that we see currently in many projects that end up in a huge fall in value.


Although our team has usernames on the different platforms (telegram, discord), we have chosen to put all our identities and LinkedIn on our website for transparency. We are also verified by KYD, who check IDs for crypto projects.

All the masternodes belonging to team members are locked until the last collateral to give reassurance to our community against ‘team dumps’. This can be checked at any time by going to https://www.semuncia.pro/fr/MasterNodes-FDReserve

For more information about this French project:


discord: https://discord.gg/Vxrve

telegram: https://t.me/FDR_English

KYD verfication: https://review.kydcoin.io/fdrcoin/

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