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Happy new week guys, I hoped you all had a great weekend and I hope your week gets more better. Has you all know I always bring to you all the latest best crypto projects out there. Well here is another amazing and interesting project am bringing you today. But first let's talk about the blockchain technology which is the father in this case. The Blockchain technology has been here for a while and adoption has been massive recently. The Blockchain technology was designed to help with the payment and transactions structure which today has surpass this purpose and currently moving to a mind blowing stage. The Blockchain technology adoption has increased tremendously because of it potentials and flexibility which makes it very easy to work in any sector it been applied to. Today industry and organizations are really fighting their way up to the blockchain so that they can implement it into their business for maximum efficiency and performance.

The Blockchain technology has also given birth to the Cryptocurrency which is it native currency, the Cryptocurrency has also moved and increased tremendously over the past few years with every project nowadays have their own Cryptocurrency. The Cryptocurrency was built to decentralize the payment system and implemented peer to peer payment which won't involve any middleman as a result it is secured, fast, and utilize low fees. But still with all this advantages the banking sector still dislike the Cryptocurrency for no reason and this has had some negativity on the the crypto and expecially the world,as there are lots of impact the blockchain will do if it fully decentralize our payments system.
In order to get rid of this problem there need for someone to get get up and fix it which is what Pngme is doing. This project is packed with brilliant and professional team which has designed the project to help small businesses grow by creating a lеndіng рlаtfоrm thаt саn bе uѕе tо brіgdе the gap between lеndеrѕ and bоrrоwеrѕ. As it is known that many people have the ideas to create business but many fail to do so because they don't have enough money but with Pngme those small businesses can grow into a giant industry. Pngme will enable the business owners to borrow money from it lending platform and to be used for their businesses, Pngme also provides investors and partners which have interest in the business in a way for the business growth. Pngme is not stopping at this benefits, has there are lots of other problems for small businesses Pngme also focus on every of this aspect to be able to solve and create opportunities for the business and expand it till it becomes a huge and can sustain itself.

Pngme is a blockchain based project which is focused on global mobile finance marketplace for finance Institutions and MSMEs. Pngme works international to provide fund help for micro, small and medium enterprises. Pngme aim is to build a market platform for business owners which will help them to easily have quick access to loans and utilize them in their business.

In making this reach out to more people, Pngme has made it platform very easy to have access to, which the have built and create Pngme mobile app. This mobile app is a very important part of the project has it is where most of the activities is carried out. The Pngme mobile app has been designed to be compatible to every smartphone in today's world. The mobile app is built with maximum security standards as this is the first thing to take in mind in this space. The security features enables users to only have access to their account. The app also features cryptocurrency and local wallet which enables users to hold, send and receive cryptocurrencies and traditional currencies.

Pngme mobile app is also built with friendly user interface and UX which enables users to easily navigate and understand every inch of the platform. This also allows it to be compatible with most of current smartphones. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices which can be download through individual apps store for you to use it.

Apart from loan, Pngme also provides lot of benefits, this includes piggy bank, just as the name it functions is to allow users to save their fund in the piggy bank and earn interest from it. Pngme also provides rewards for it users through it reward system which allows users to earn from just referring friends to the platform. The early access is still on which mean that when you create an account now you will receive some Pngme tokens, this offer will only be available for a limited time period.

Let's talk about Pngme token " Pngcoin" , the token is built on the Ethereum ERC20 blockchain standards and it is the native currency of the platform, the token provide users with benefits on the platform such as reduce fee and more interest rate.


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