Auction Milestones (Loot NFT)

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Loot NFT’s Telegram group is more active than ever, acting as a point of instant support to those seeking assistance navigating their system, those experiencing technical difficulties, or those just looking to spark up a Loot NFT related conversation. Their Telegram is a safe haven for all Lootizens and theyencourage you all to join this growing community

On October 3rd, they commenced our seventh and longest round of auctions. With great anticipation for this round, “Jagger Moves” surpassed “The 01,” becoming the highest-grossing NFT in both BUN and USDC value. The NFT sold for 186,789 BUN (USDC 13,927.61). It is also the first NFT on the platform to exceed 100,000 BUN in selling price.

“Light” became the second-highest-grossing NFT, selling for 136,287 BUN (USDC 10,147.14) and the second NFT to surpass the 100,000 BUN mark. Congrats to the artists and winners of these NFTs! This round is also the longest-running round of auctions they have had since they commenced in July.

This past week, “ The Demiurge’s Trail” celebrated a milestone of its own, becoming the first NFT to hold 100 members in the auction. These achievements further corroborate the impact this project has had on the entire community thus far.

While activity is picking up, so are some of their ecosystem functions. I expect the plot purchasing function in the world to be available around the end of October. I also expect the frequency of our auctions to pick up soon.

I look forward to more groundbreaking records and milestones to be celebrated in their growing community.

Stay tuned. They have a lot more coming your way.


Really impessed by what they do. Glad that I found such a project as Loot NFT.

Great concept, it works for me

This is a long-term project that we deserved. Hat up!!!

Cool project for creators!!!

u are interested me

The team is doing a great job. I like it

this is a gem 100%

Thanks for sharing

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