IONChain blockchian technology driving the internet of things

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Internet of Things

The internet of things is a technology that has been developing for a few years, is a commitment to the creation of a network of devices and physical objects such as vehicles, alarms, thermostats, programmable logic actuators, sensors, appliances and many interconnected to Internet through the use of applications designed for the exchange of data in real time.

The Internet of Things (IoT for its acronym in English) is possible thanks to the integration of several technologies such as:

  1. the application programming interfaces (API) that connect the devices to the internet.
  2. the management tools for large volumes of information (Big Data).
  3. Predictive analysis tools.
  4. The Artificial Intelligence of the machines.
  5. machine learning.
  6. the processing of data in the cloud
  7. radio frequency identification (RFID).

All these tools are those that in one way or another make possible the interconnectivity between physical objects and the world. These tools will be present in greater or lesser depending on the domestic or industrial applications of the system and the technical requirements of the designed system.

Current state of technology

Smart devices are generators of huge amounts of data that are made available to the IoT. This data must be analyzed to be used in decision making in real time. This is where predictive analytics and Big Data appear. Machine learning is then used to contextualize the data and generate actions without human intervention. In cases where intelligent responses are desired by the system, the AI is used.

(In terms of architecture and IoT platforms, they use the cloud as a tool for processing information and thus connect the real and virtual worlds. This design is what helped companies manage the security and connectivity of IoT devices. Thanks to this, it has become possible to collect data from the devices, link devices, ensure a minimum of interoperability between the IoT devices and design and start the IoT applications.

This technology is close to becoming obsolete. Smart devices have significantly increased their processing capacity and thereby increased the volume of data generated considerably. The processing capacity is no longer enough and the systems handling a large amount of information are increasingly vulnerable to external attacks. These two situations place this technology in serious scalability problems. Any type of expansion will be limited, either due to security risks or because of the limited capacity to process the available information.

The ionization of IONChain makes it possible

IONChain is an ecosystem that integrates blockchain technology with the internet of things. This platform solves the main problems associated with technology, the encryption of the block chain reduces the vulnerability of the systems, providing a service with the best security standards. The problem of scalability in systems that implement IoT technology is solved thanks to IONChain converts each device into a mining machine that is responsible for processing the information generated by itself.

This raised the system's processing capacity thousands of times. In addition, the data processed in situ eliminates one of the weak points of the previous systems: the transmission of large volumes.

IONChain solves the problem of scalability and security and at the same time addresses the problem of interoperability. Aware that every day the IoT systems integrate more devices into their environment, which makes the harmony of the system more complex. To solve this, it integrates all the devices under a single operating protocol, regardless of the manufacturer or its role within the system. All the devices will generate and process information in the same format eliminating the need to "translate" the information generated by each device to the format of the device in charge of processing the data. This technology is what is known as edge computing, its implementation is one of the great strengths in this ecosystem.

The ionization: a new operating scheme

IONChain efficiently combines the PoW and PoS protocols, separating two fundamental activities in any block chain system: The creation of value and the transmission of the value once created. In the first layer, the PoW protocol will be in charge of regulating the mechanisms for the creation of value and subsequently the value transmission layer will be entrusted to it through a consensus mechanism to determine rules for transferring value within the IONChain system. This layer is what will allow all the participants of the IONChain ecosystem to freely exchange the value created.

This protocol allows to take advantage of the capacity of each device and turn it into a mining machine, and then the value created by the devices is freely exchanged. The future ecosystem requirements of IONChain could not be met using any of the existing protocols. From the need for a new algorithm that meets the technical requirements arises the IONIZATION protocol developed by IONChain.

Generation of Value

The creation consists of a creation process and a strict verification of the value created. After this verification process, the retribution within the system is made through the IONC assignment. IONC is the Token of the IONChain ecosystem, it is the only cryptocurrency authorized for the realization of transactions within the platform. As the platform becomes popular, the volume of transactions increases and with it the market capitalization the Ionc value will increase consolidating the ecosystem. This is possible thanks to the mining rewards mechanism of IONChain where the participation of hundreds of users is guaranteed and the smallest devices can participate in the mining process.

Final words

According to IDC statistics in the United States, in 2015, 14,866 billion IoT devices were installed worldwide. IONChain is aware that the devices will continue to increase and therefore intend to enable and expand the IoT technology by integrating it with the blockchain technology. Information in the digital age became an asset of great value and an essential input for thousands of companies. IONChain makes available to those whose work requires a first-class data supply platform where they can cover their requirements with reliable information from thousands of users.

Users or companies with IoT devices can upload device data to IONChain and quantify the value through IONC. When users buy cars with the IONChain network, they can obtain IONC whenever they authorize their data to be used by the data demand side. Users will be rewarded with tokens for the information provided and they will also be able to contribute so that products and services improve their quality standards, making their lives much more comfortable for users. This is a system designed for all parties to win and in the process better and greater implementations are possible.

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