KickEX exchange will buy back KICK tokens

in #crypto2 years ago (edited)

If you havent heard yet, KickEX exchange will buy back KICK tokens currently worth around 0.000027$ / token, for 0.00015$ / token, and they've assigned 100.000$ budget to do it.

You can register on their exchange trough me HERE - and you will get 5000 KICK tokens for free and 50.000 KICK tokens if you invite 5 of your friends.

The buyback will happen on 1st SEPTEMBER 2020, so there is only 20 days left for you to register and get some KICK tokens. As i mentioned you can get a lot of KICK only by registering and refering few friends, and it's very easy to do so.

That kind of PROMO will push the price up a lot by my opinion as everyone can get a piece of it.

I hope you are happy that i let you know!

Register HERE -

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